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Friday, August 15, 2008

Susan Alison Border Collie art

I am soooo Cool!

My name is Susan Alison and I'm from Bristol, in the South West of the UK.
I'm a member of the DAWG team and a fascinating membership it is, too.
We're learning about our respective languages - I am, of course, especially interested in apple crumbles - actually, I prefer plum crumbles - but my DAWG friends call them crisps. Apple crisp. I would never have guessed what that was.
However, it's all the same with loads of custard - oh, and ice cream and cream as well.

I mainly paint ACEOs at the moment, mainly of dogs, mainly Border Collie dogs.
This could change at any moment, but doesn't look likely...

Puppyflies on the Sunflowers

See - Monty and Rosie are my Border Collies - they keep a record of all my artwork on their blog.
See for current auctions and for my ebay store which has prints, greeting cards and all sorts in it.
This is my etsy shop
You can put whatever words you want into cards
And just in case you want a t-shirt-wearing bear (or a mug or a tile etc) with Border Collies on go here

In the Light of Day

Thanks for looking. It would be lovely if you left a comment below for us to drool over or even to bark back at.


Barbsgarden said...

Your dogs look great and so does your blog for the day. Lovely!!

Designing Artist Womens Group (DAWG) Team said...

Oops- made a mistake the first time I tried this. Great post Susan! You did a wonderful job!

lisak said...

Great Job, I love it and your work! Thanks for being part of our wonderful dawg team!

Designing Artist Womens Group (DAWG) Team said...

This looks great, no worries here - I can do this. I love your dogs and the puppy flies are so cute...

Joann said...

Wonderful work.....great blog. Good job....I love your puppies.

montyandrosie said...

Thank you for your comments! You're such an encouraging group of people - it's brill!

Liz said...

I'm a big fan of your Doggie Art, Susan! I'm always excited to see what new situations you put them in.