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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crafters in the Closet

So many of us have way more supplies than room to store them. Creative storage solutions are a multimillion dollar business. There are specialty stores, aisles at your local stores and magazines devoted to helping us get all that excess into neat and tidy bins.

My latest wish list includes this bin for $33. A real bargain when you see what it holds! There is even a place for your sketch books! If you are like most artists you can't stop at one medium, one style, or one sketch this is a great way to keep you organized.

Pencils, watercolors, acrylics, even oils all have a place and dividers to keep you straight. If you are tighter budgeted than medicare you may have to pass on this gem, but don't let that stop you.

I live in a small apartment with a dog, cat, toddler son, baby girl, and a husband. Needless to say there is little Mom space to be found. I found a simple enough place. The closet. It is packed full with a folding easel complete with carry case, plastic totes for each medium, and charming little handmade tags.

It is not as fancy as this box, but it serves it's purpose. Browse your local stores and find what works for you. If you are still drooling over the super satchel model pictured, then click here and add it to your craft closet.

I hope you have more space than I have, and inspiration to spare. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Had to try it...

The Challenge this month was to paint outside, preferably flowers, wild or garden.
My schedule and the weather just didn't come together. BUT this week, encouraged by a little show of sun, I set up all my paraphernalia in my yard to give it a shot.

The wind was blowing, the birds were curious and the bees thought I was a flower.
Just a little over a half hour passed before I was chilled to the bone.
Didn't even have time to "plant the scilla in dirt" LOL.

With a hot beverage and back indoors at my table, I worked on this poppy in the sun to "warm up". This painting was based on a photo shared by a dear artist friend. Thank You, Barbara Ann!

pink POPPY

Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Flowers

This weekend I created 3 new aceo's using acrylic. When I first started painting, I used acrylic, then changed to water soluble oil back in 2004. Seldom do I pull out the acrylics, and I had forgotten how much fun they can be.

This one is Summer Flower aceo

Summer Flower II aceos

Blue Crystal aceo
This one was created using only a palette knife, something I very rarely do, infact I only remember using a palette knife once before in a painting. It was fun!
Hope you enjoyed seeing my latest work. You are the first ones to see these. I haven't even posted them on my own blog yet. Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Wacky Women Series ACEO's

New Wacky Women Series ACEO's

I have so much fun greating Women! 

I have some listed on Ebay Right now, I have sold some and have getting ready to sell

I do hope you will stop by and give them a bid!  They need a new home!

Thanks for checking out my work! :)
I have one new sketch that I would like to share with you today. This is an Aunt, My Aunt Alice. She is my aunt on my father's side. I did this sketch to send to her granddaughter for a wedding present. I believe the photo I used as a reference was taken in the 40's judging by the clothes and hairstyle.

I may be prejudice, but I think I had some very beautiful women in my family. Thank you for stopping by and visiting today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


"Proserpine" - 1877, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Some of my favorite work is done by the artist of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. What I am sharing with you today comes from the book, "Essential Pre-Raphaelites", by Lucinda Hawksley.

"In 1848 a group of disillusioned artists, comprising the Rossettis, John EverttMillais, William Holman Hunt, Frederic Stephens, Thomas Woolner, and James Collinson, formed the Pre-Raphalite Brotherhood. Initially they were ridiculed in the art world for their pretensions and subject matter, but ten years after their foundation no self-respecting Victorian would admit to being ignorant of Pre-Raphaelite art.

The term Pre-Raphaelite is commonly used to refer to examples of art and design produced throughout the second half of the nineteenth century. The Pre-Raphaelite artist developed a style of painting in which an intense brilliance was achieved by applying thin layers of oil paint over a white "ground". It was in 1849 that the first paintings executed in this manner appeared at exhibition.

The movement later began to change direction as new influences were brought to bear on the group; Dante Gabriel Rossetti came to the fore alongside artists such as Walter Howell Beverell and Edward Burne-Jones, as well as William Morris, the founding father of the Arts and Crafts movement."

I hope you enjoy viewing a few of my favorites:

"Paolo and Francesca", 1888, by Charles Edward Halle

"LaGhirlandata", 1873, by Dante Gabriel Rosetti

"The Awakening Conscience", 1854, by Willam Holman Hunt

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out Smarting the Kitties

All of you "Cat People" can probably relate to my story.  I have 2 cats..LeeLu and Lily. I spend more money at the pet store buying things I just KNOW the girls will like.  My husband  says, "You waste your money. They won't like that."  I always want to prove him wrong.

My problem is I watch all those infomercials that make it look like your cat will love whatever the item is.This time I was sure that it would be different. So I go to the pet store and buy a self grooming cat brush (you know the one in an arch) and an emery scratching board (the one where the TV cat stretches and scratches and looks so happy).

I buy them, set them up-- No Interest.  I soak them in catnip--No interest.  OH, I thought I can outsmart those girls.  I pull out the laser pointer. They love to chase it around. I point it under the arch of the self grooming brush thinking they'd go under it brush themselves and see how good it feels..nope. They just ran around it.  I gave up.  Then I decide well maybe they need a demonstration of how to use the scratching board so I kneel down and demonstrate scratching the board.  They watched and looked very interested. Then Lily decided it was more fun to put her paw under the board, playing with a toy she swatted under there.

I give up...instead of outsmarting the kitties I think they have outsmarted me.

~~~The above ACEO Original Watercolor is available in my Etsy shop-Painted Panache by Joann Y Wheeler.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Head's Up - a sea turtle painting

I love sea turtles, and here's my latest painting of one that I call Head's Up.
This is an 8x10 oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang. The sides are painted as a continuation of the painting.
Did you know that sea turtles cannot retract their head's into their shells like other turtles can? I didn't.
If you are interested in purchasing this painting, it will be listed in my Etsy shop later today.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little Things Along the Way

Lily White

I've been having such a difficult time finishing projects I decided to do a few small works while the large projects are in progress.

Little Villa 1

At least I get a sense of accomplishment from finishing little paintings.

Royal Purple

It helps to stave off the urge to hurry the large work and create a mess by not waiting for the paint to dry.

Little Villa 2

Plus I don't fall into the trap of working on the same thing for so long I get bored with it before it's finished.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun in the Dawg "Pound" Art Group

Fun, that is what I want everyone to think of when they join and participate in the Dawg Art Group!

We always have fun things going on in the group, Do you like to do ACEO's and Love the Lord and of course you are a woman, Then why don't you think about joining our Online Group.  We have wonderful ladies from all over the world!!  Friends forever because the love of our art and aceo's brought us together!

We have a monthly Art Quest "challenge" to truly keep everyone on their painting toes!! :)  This month is
Roosters, Cows or Chinese Brushstroke!!

We are now voting on the March Art Quest and we need Votes badly, anyone can vote if you are on facebook here is the link!/event.php?eid=114354985245453&index=1

So Come and Join in the Fun http://www.designingartists.ning/   We have many fun mini groups too!