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Friday, August 29, 2008

Quest Challenge Competitions in our Dawg Group

QUEST Challenge
What is a QUEST you say?
A Challenge to our members of the Dawg Pound!
We like to challenge our Dawg Group Gals with helping them to reach out of the box when it comes to painting or drawing, so every other week, we do a Quest Challenge.
We recently just finished a wonderful challenge of Marie Antoniette. They were some wonderful entries in this Quest. We ask members to donate aceo originals to our prize pool so we can give prizes to our winners of the quest every other week. Winners of the Marie Antoniette Quest is
lst Place Joann Wheeler

2nd Place Sue Taylor

3rd Place Marlene Hawkins

Look what beautiful work they did on Marie Antioniette! This times Quest is Indians We have some awesome entries on them too! Check out our member's stores and see if they are on sale.

We have so many talented ladies in our group! I am blessed to have them in my group and have them as my friends! God is GOOD!! Lisa


montyandrosie said...

Great that you keep it all going, Lisa!

Joann said...

We had such great entries this time!