Here is our website for our group Please come join us if you love to paint and love the Lord!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pastel Workshop

I'm teaching a pastel workshop on Fri Oct 10, through Sun Oct 12. at Eagle Canyon Hideaway. It will be a three day workshop with home cooked meals, private cabins and lake McConaughy right outside the door.

Lake McConaughy is Nebraska's largest reservoir with over 100 miles of shoreline and white sandy beaches. McConaughy is 20 miles long with one of the largest Dams of its type in the world, where the fish grow to trophy sizes. Bass and Walleye are among the favorite prizes pulled from the deep waters here. The large numbers of Canadian geese bring the fall hunters to the Clear Creek waterfowl Management Area at the west end of the lake.

This art experience will allow the artist ample opportunity to explore soft pastels, different papers and combining the pastels with different mediums. We will be working from photos that the students provide and a still life that will help learn to portray the light play on glass. Allow time for exploring the beautiful scenery outside and start a plein aire sketch, which will be completed indoors with pastels.

This workshop experience has open registration, and is reasonably priced at $225.00 for all 3 days and 2 nights. You can contact eagle canyon at 866-866-LAKE Bring your fishing pole and pastels for a great weekend!

Red Bicyclette

silkie eyes

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Greeting Cards In My Shop!

I have been spending most of my time creating new greeting cards! I hope you will stop by and check out some of these latest cards! I have over 5,100 designs available for ever occasion. And if you don't see one you need- just contact me and I will design one to suit your needs! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Celebrate the Season!

Fall Reflections

It's Fall! My most favorite season. I miss the cool, crisp smell of autumn days in Upstate NY where I spent the majority of my life. It's this time of year that makes me yearn for trips to the apple orchards to pick apples, drink hot cider, make applesauce, smell fresh apple fritters, sneak a caramel apple, run through piles of fallen leaves, and enjoy the amazing colors of the blazing trees.

Gourd Rugby

It's also the season of craft shows. I love the amazing products crafted by imaginative artisans using almost anything and everything! People can be so very creative and crafty!

While I reminisce, I miss all the wonderful lodges and inns of the Adirondacks and Catskills. So many lovely quaint buildings nestled in so very many lovely places.
This is a skyline look at Mohonk Mountain House. An imposing resort hotel outside of New Paltz in the Hudson Valley.

This is a view of life on the river here in Oregon where I took a little liberty to add a bit more color to the fall trees. Usually I see more golden and brown and seldom see any vibrant orange or reds, I must have been thinking of the lakes in the Adirondacks!

I've driven down this road and watched the leaves become airborn again in the rear view mirror.

It's fall! I can almost smell it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thought I would share some of my latest Artwork with You!

Hello all! I have been creating some new items for Ebay lately. So I thought I would share some of the newest pieces with you. Hope you will drop by and check some of them out at Art N More today!

Fall is here! Can you believe it?

Hi all, fall is here as of today and we can see it here in Hermiston Oregon. The wind and rain is back. With that, it is the time of the year for students to come back to oil painting classes in the Kennewick WA and Hermiston OR areas. Barb ofters classes in oils of landscapes, seascapes, florals, pet and wildlife. Most paintings are done on 16 x 20 or 11 x 14 sized canvas. Barb is certified in One Stroke, Bob Ross and Alexander Art. Students come in all ages from 7 to 85 plus! Supplies are available thru Barb too if needed. Want to try it out without buying supplies, you can do so by just paying a class fee of $60 for one class. Regular class fee is $35 without supplies.

Here is one of the last paintings I taught.........

Another upcoming classes...

All paintings are available for sale after the class, just call, email and ask if not on one of the websites...... main website
Barb also sells on other sites like too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paper Moon Delights

Paper Moon Delights On Ebay

I am working on trying to clear out my aceo's inventory I had gotten way to many. I draw alot! So hopefully when I can get most of these sold down, I can work on my new adventures, I am working on Paper Mache items and some other new art projects. OH I will still be doing my aceo's I can't ever get those out of my blood, they draw me like "chocolate" LOL! :)

I love to draw everything so my aceo's consist of all types you might just find something that catches your eye!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Outsider Art Quest


Check out all our Outsider Art Just Click here

We are having a Quest with Outsider Art. It is bringing in some great challenges this time. I am so glad that some our members are stepping outside there box, and creating this odd but fun art.

Never be afraid to try something new, Although you may be use to one subject or one type of painting or drawing, it is always fun and maybe surprising to find out what you have inside of you.

We have some of the most talented girls in the world in our DAWG group, I am so impressed by all their talent, check out all their websites and just see what I mean!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Art Classes

Leslie Shupe Art School is beginning fall art classes on October 4! I have taught the oil painting class there for 3 years now. It is a fun relaxing time to get together with other artists and beginners to be creative! The classes will last 6 weeks. November 8th, we will have our open house from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. for the students to display their works to the public. If you live in the area, we would love to have you join us!

Classes and teachers:
Watercolor - Anita Carroll
Acrylics - Joe Lay
Pastels & Drawing - Cindy Shepard
Oil - Elizabeth Hannah
Photography - Dave Shoulders

Adults and Children 7 yrs and up.

The classes are held in Rogers, Arkansas and the full contact phone number is 479-925-1593.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Morning - September 17, 2008

Good morning. I have been thinking about what I'd like to say today all week. I keep coming back to "change". I have been thinking of my life and all of the events that I have seen, some good and some horrible, like 911. I have walked down many roads that have had lots of curves and detours but the one constant, apart from my faith, has been art.

During my 58 years, as far back as I can remember, art has had a part in my life. I remember as a child my aunt gathering us kids together to make christmas bells from paper cups, tin foil (and it was tin foil back then) wire and jingle bells. She always had some sort of project for us. I always had crayons. My sisters and I would sit and draw and color for hours. One of the things we loved to do was make floor plans of witches houses, complete with furniture placement, spiders in the corners and bugs on the walls. I made my own paper dolls and their clothes. We had never heard of video games so we made our own game boards and pieces.

I am very happy that I grew up in an age where we were able and encouraged to use our imaginations. I have done a lot of different crafts, and used lots of mediums in my art over the years, but it has always been part of my life. Some of the things I have enjoyed the most are making porcelain dolls, and creating these tiny pieces of art known as ACEO's. Recently I learned how to needle felt, which I enjoy very much. I love the feel of the wool fiber in my hand - it is so soft, and how you can use a single little needle and turn it into a solid piece of felt and create an ACEO, a purse, a scarf - the possibilities are endless. The pictures below are two of the ACEO's I have created for halloween using this medium:

I hope you will come and visit my store at and while you are there you should put "dawg team" in your search, you will be treated with a wonderful array of fantastic art. I am a proud member of the Dawg Team. We are comprised of a lot of very talented artist. The work you will find by these ladies is done in all mediums and if after checking us out you want something created especially for you by one of our members send them a request in a convo, they will be happy to work with you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now Think About Packaging for Shipping....

You don't want to just throw your art in an envelope; although that is perfectly acceptable, a buyer anxiously awating the art they purchased will be pleasently suriprise with a little extra touch to your packaging.

I feel presentation is important when shipping out your art. Here's a few tips to use when sending art work to a customer.

Packaging TIPS:

Adding a personal note in a Thank You or Notecard leaves a good impression with your buyer.

A little handmade envelope to put your art in is an extra goodie for your customer. This website offers free templates for ACEO size envelpoes and many other templates that may be helpful in packaging and also creating art.


Protecting your art.

There are several types of clear sleeves to use in shipping your art. They are very affordable and protect your little masterpiece. The "Penny Sleeves" are what I like to use because they fit so nice in the handmade envelopes. The Rigid Top Loaders are also great and offer more protection from being bent in transit. These sleeves are normally used for baseball cards, but I have found them to be a perfect fit for ACEO art.

Using cardstock to stiffen and protect your art from being bent also works well for envelopes.

If you have a business card, add it to your package too!

What About the Outside of your Package?

I like to use rubber stamps with pretty designs. Stamps or stickers that reflect holiday's and seasons is great to use also. You can have a special stamp or sticker made with a logo to announce that your art has arrived!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Painting Eyes - a Susan Alison rush through some pointers

The eyes in a painting can bring it to life or kill it.

These are just a few points to bear in mind when painting eyes in animals, although these pointers can be helpful when painting human eyes, too. The illustrations will be dogs. (Surprise!) Ooh – except for one bear…

Take a good look at an eye – someone else’s, your dog’s or your own if there’s no one else about. Check it out for shape. It’s not flat. It’s not totally round either, but totally round in a drawing is better than totally flat. It’s not a perfect oval, either – there’s the corner of the eye to think about.

Bear in mind that the eye does not sit ON the face – it is part of the face and fits into its own socket. The shape of the skin and bone around the eye, especially the eyelids (top and bottom), gives more of an impression about the roundness of the eye itself because so little of it is actually seen.

Thinking of these things will encourage your drawing to be lifelike. An eye is just part of the whole.


The iris of an eye – the coloured bit - is not a solid tone but has streaks of colour in it and is nearly always dark around its edge. The iris is round. The pupil ie the dark/black bit in the middle of the iris – is round, too.

Remember the rims of the eyelids often show, depending on angle, and quite often there is a highlight (white usually) on the lower eyelid, as there is usually a shadow across the eye underneath the upper eyelid. Light and shadow are always important all through a picture.

You can see the darker colours at the top of the eye and the lighter at the bottom in… HER SPECIAL HAT below

The white of an eye usually has slight colour through it and is not often pure white.

Pure white is best for highlights. The highlight in the eye can be one dot of white or two or three – it can be round or a curved square (curved because the eye is round…). Try to bear in mind what direction the light is coming from when deciding on the highlights.

In KITTYFLIES ATTEMPT TO CHEER UP FRED you can see the highlights are curved – they suggest that the grumpy bear’s eyes are not flat.

Placement is important – eyes halfway up a head create an entirely different feel to an image where the eyes are two thirds of the way up…

In Pretty in Pink she looks a little flighty because of the placement of her eyes.


The shape of the eye will change depending on the expression on the face as a whole eg when laughing, eyes are more closed than open, or when startled the reverse is true.


This is especially true when drawing/painting a picture that is more of a cartoon/illustration – when, of course, you can ignore everything I’ve said and exaggerate all the wrong things in order to get a particular expression to work.


Or, if you don’t fancy tackling the eyes today, then cover them up…


Thanks for making it this far. If you are interestsed in checking out more dogs' eyes then try these links...........

Click here for ebay auctions and Buy it Now items

Click here for collieish present ideas at Cafepress

And here for my shop on Etsy

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

Thanks so much for looking…..


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is there tips to selling on Ebay?

Well you see all kinds of things that lead you to believe that there is a secret to selling on ebay, we will look at some of their tips and see if it will help us sell any better!! So here goes
A Little Fun To Watch Video
Your Auction Title

That's right, the secret for getting the most traffic to your auction is your auction title. Your auction title is probably the most important feature when someone is searching on eBay.
What makes the title so important?

The keywords in your auction titles!It is a well known fact that the majority of people that find an auction listing, find it through the keywords in the auction title. Most people will only searching in the titles and not selecting the "Search Title and Description" option.If you were to go to eBay and start looking at your competitors auction titles, you would find they are using keywords in their titles to attract buyers. Incorporating those important keywords into your auction titles is a surefire method for improving your auction traffic.Your auction titles must contain the specific keywords that buyers are using in their searching in order for them to be able to find all your auctions. A high percentage of auctions fail because their listings were never found by the buyers.I have seen this happen over and over again. When you take the best strategies, being used by your power seller competitors, in your own auction listings, you are literally very hard to beat!
eBay has recently started counting "neutral" feedback marks as negative for the purpose of calculating your feedback rating. In one swoop millions of accounts went from perfect to less than perfect.First, the bright side of this eBay change is that if you can manage to keep your feedback high you'll REALLY stand out now.It's now more important than ever that you educate your customers on the importance of good feedback.Here are a couple ideas:1. IMMEDIATELY leave feedback for all customers that buy from you. There is no benefit in waiting since you can no longer leave them neutral or negative feedback as a seller.2. Next, in all "post sale" email and shipping correspondence with customers include a statement something like this (even BEFORE they pay):
We just left you positive feedback on eBay. Anything short of your 5 Star 100% positive feedback back to us considered to be a TOTAL FAILURE ON OUR PART because we want you 100% happy. If there is anything else we can do to earn your prompt 5 star 100% positive feedback please let us know at (email address). Here's a link to leave us PERFECT feedback once you are pleased with your experience:
How To Search Your Competition
Go to eBay and sign in.If you don't have an account yet, you can create one now for free. 1.Click the "Advanced Search" link located at the top of most eBay pages. 2.Enter your keywords and any other search information. 3.Select the Completed listings only check box. 4.Click the Search button.Note: If you are not currently signed-in, you will be prompted to do so before you can see your search results.Once your search has completed, you will usually see a rather large list where the price is given in either Green or Red text. The Green indicates that the product has sold and the amount that it sold for. The Red indicates that the item was not sold.When you see that your competitor's have been selling a lot of products, it means that the seller is doing something right because of all the successful completed auctions.Now you want to take a look at all those corresponding auction titles and descriptions and then incorporate the keywords into your auction titles.The next step is to test your auctions. List your auctions under different categories with different keywords that are relevant to the product and to category you are listing it in to see which one performs better. Watch for a pattern so that you will know which one is the "keeper". It won't take you long at all to discover which category works best for you, and then you will be able to work that category more effectively to produce the maximum traffic and of course, earn more money.The next secret....Drum Roll....Be sure to use plural words when testing your auction titles.The majority of eBay searchers type in plurals rather than singular words. For example: "domain names" not "domain name". When you test both the singular and plural form of the keywords in your auction titles, you are going to find out which one is more effective, and will then bring you more money!
Start Your Items At A Low Price
First you have to decide on what the minimum price is that you would accept for your item. If you start your listing at $1.00, which is the new minimum price that you can list at, you will attract more bidders at the beginning of the auction. The next minimum price you would want to use for a higher priced item, is $9.99. $10 to $24.99, your listing fee goes up, and so on. NO RESERVE A reserve price is a set price that must be met before the item will be sold. If the reserve price is not met, then the seller is not obliged to sell the item. An example would be if you have an reserve of $20, and your item sells for $13.99 you do not have to complete the sale & release the item. eBay will list it again for free, but if it does sell the second time around they will take their fees.Most people don't want to bid on reserved prices. Psychologically, they want the option of being able to win the auction at a lower price, even though they are willing to pay more if the bidding gets up there, in their minds they think they may get it for less. Even if you have something that is a very high dollar item, it is better to have the bidding start at a higher bid amount and pay the higher fee, than it is to put a reserve on the item.
How to Keep Your eBay Listings In Constant View Seven Days a Week
By Avril Harper
It's important to be selling continuously on eBay, literally day by day, giving you constant stock turnover and regular daily profits. You do it by getting potential buyers to focus on your products over rival listings but you have very limited time to achieve your objective.Most importantly, your products must appear in the first few pages of eBay's search listings whenever someone keys in words to describe items such as you are selling. But there is a big problem here.The problem's down to eBay's listings appearing in reverse order, from those closest to ending, through to items only recently listed. Items listed on the first pages of any popular category will be those ending in the next few minutes or hours, and few people will search beyond the current day's listings.To illustrate, imagine I want to buy some CDs, featuring Roy Orbison, for example, and Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, John Denver, and others. If I go online right now and key those names into eBay's search engine, I'll almost certainly have dozens of pages of suitable product listings to search through.Given I definitely don't want to spend hours looking for CDs with so many similar items listed I'll probably order something from the first or second page and ignore the rest.Now imagine you are selling those CDs, but you only list on Sundays, and today is Tuesday. Your listings have six more days to go before they'll appear on the first few pages so I almost certainly won't buy from you today.By listing all your products the same day, they'll also all be selling the same day, so you're only going to reach page one of eBay's listings for an insignificant part of the week ahead. You are reaching just a tiny part of your target audience.You circumvent the problem by listing all your products daily, which by implication means you have product listings ending daily, and consequently everything you sell features in the first few pages returned by eBay when someone searches for items such as you are selling.

Well maybe you can find a few secret tips out of these that will help you too! Share your thoughts on all of these! :) Lisa

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Bit About China Painting

China or porcelain painting is an ancient art. Like any other piece of art, composition, color, design, perspective, etc. all apply. The process which was developed in 1400 AD in China. In the late 16th century Europe was introduced to the process, however, it was not introduced to the United States until 1769. Groups of women would come together in a painting circle to paint tea or chocolate sets.

China Painting is a method of painting on white glazed porcelain. Glazed porcelain comes in many forms, the traditional teacups, teapots and plates, You can also find porcelain pieces suitable for painting in jewelry, thimbles, coffee mugs, even tape dispensers! China paints are an overglaze paint. Overglaze paints are painted on top of the glaze and then the piece is fired in a kiln multiple times. Most china requires 3 fires, some may require up to 10 firings.

Paints are in powder form and mixed with a special oil medium. Each porcelain piece is painted multiple times. Paint is applied very lightly on the piece. The piece is then fired fired. Another coat of paint is applied and the piece is fired again. This goes on, painting and firing, until the colors are vivid enough for the artist. During the firing process the glaze actually opens up to receive the paint. It becomes part of the finish. Additional firing could be required if the artist applies lusters, gold or platinum which are fired on top of the glaze.

Because the paint becomes part of the glaze is the reason china painted pieces will never wear off and are dishwasher and microwave safe (unless they have gold or lusters applied) Many of the china painted pieces resemble watercolors in their translucence. There is no white on the porcelain artist palette. The white showing through is actually the porcelain.
Today because of the time involved to paint a single piece of china and the necessary to have a kiln for firing, not to mention the lack of teachers passing along the art, there are very few china painters. Visit me at:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Art for charity

Good morning bloggers! There may be two of us blogging today, but that is because I was supposed to do yesterday and I totally forgot! Some days life is sooo hectic.

Right now, I am involved in a group of artists who are trying to raise funds to help a cat rescue/sanctuary build a new building. They do a wonderful thing and all the cats are healthy. they have placed many in homes, but the ones who aren't placed have a forever place to live.

Since I can't do that myself, I thought this would be a great way to help. More than 20 artists have pitched in and are donating all or a portion of the proceeds made on their art to this charity. If you love cats, and animals in general, this is a worthwhile way to show it.

I will include the link to my auction and if you scroll down you can read more about FieldHaven Feline Rescue, and also there is a link that shows all the other artists involved. Click on that and be ready to see some pretty awe-inspiring art.

It's a great cause! Please go bid ...and remember, it is for some pretty precious feline friends.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leaving town again Hurricane IKE

First off, Let me say that this is not my day to post. I am supposed to post on this blog. on the 14th. I will be out of town for IKE. I do hope I have a home to come home to..This ACEO is Ryan fishing and he is mounted on a mat board and framed in a 7"x5" frame. I am going to visit my MOM. She lives in Mount Pleasant Texas and she is very happy we are coming to visit.
Thanks so much.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Starting Something New

I have decided to start a few new art creations for awhile! I will be working on some Halloween art for the next few weeks, hoping to get inspired into creating some new and colorful art creations, I decided to change my name on ebay. Look for my now at PaperMoonDelights on Ebay. I need to expand my horizons for awhile. Break out of my shell and I am in a rut and my inner artist is slowing turning to mush I do believe! LOL

I have some of my artcards marked down in my store so get while they are hot I will be adding some more today~~

Click below

I am blessed by God's Grace that he has allowed me to be able to create things from my hands with just my mind to do them, I have never had any formal training with any of my crafts and so what little talent I do have it is all from God! I am truly thankful for all that he has allowed me to have. I do hope you will check out my store above and be on the watch out for my new creations. Also check out my stores on etsy too! God Bless your day, Lisa

Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmastime's A Comin'

Who says Christmas cards have to be traditional? Today you can fit almost any design into a Christmas Theme with a little imagination! In fact I have been creating a few non traditional Christmas Cards myself lately! So I thought I would share my latest creation today!! This design is perfect for anyone who loves horses or for any Equestrian business! I hope you will enjoy this newest addition! And good luck in creating some of your own unique themes & designs!
You can find this new design available at all of my shops!
Visit Me On Cafe Press!
Or Visit Me On Zazzle!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hello all, I often hear things such as: 'Where do you get all your ideas of what to paint?" or "How do you paint everyday?" A couple of things keep me inspired and help me to stay creative. The first thing is; to just do it, just start painting. Even if you don't feel like it. If I waited to feel like painting, then there would be many days where I just took off on a bicycle ride, wandered around the fields or waded in the stream. My painting is serious work that I have to make time for.

I usually carry a sketchbook on my bicycle rides. Nothing is more inspiring to sit at the park watching children play or next to a field with a herd of goats or horses. Go draw outside, draw in the mall, visit the senior center or recreation center. There are many places that may inspire you.

I also keep a pencil and paper by the bed so I can write down my thoughts when I first wake up. For some reason I am often inspired right before I fall asleep or even through dreams. Sometimes I can't always remember my dream, but if I start to write a thought down, then often times an idea comes to me, maybe from a dream. I have a book with lists of paintings and drawings that I want to do. If I live to be 127 I might be able to finish 1/2 of them. That further inspires me, when I realize that I might not live to be 127, and my painting time is limited. I have a lot of art to complete.

It also helps to try new subjects, new color combinations, different size canvas or different medium. I do a lot of color pencil work in a small format, because it is so easy to carry everywhere with me. How much time do you spend waiting somewhere? Sitting at the Doctors office or waiting to pick someone up is a good time to pull out your sketchbook and start to draw. When I work at the Gallery, there are many slow times where I can draw for several hours uninterrupted.

I don't stress too much about something that I am working on. If it is not going well, I set it aside and finish something that may come easily. I almost always have at least 5 paintings or drawings in progress at the same time. Often I set something aside and then when I return to it, I have a new perspective. Then I may notice something that escaped me while working on it. Don't get bogged down and determined to finish one piece before starting another. Some paintings were not meant to be finished. I have some that just didn't work out.

If all else fails, try something completely different that is creative. Write a poem, decorate a cake. You will miss painting and come back to it with renewed energy. Artist block is just a temporary state of mind. We all have busy lives, but try to make time for your art, it will flow energy into other parts of your life. I often marvel at how many people do not stop to hear birds sing, notice trees or how blue the sky is. Artists can see these things and marvel at daily miracles, embrace this part of yourself.

I have a big list of drawings that I hope to finish in the next week. If I can finish several each week until my 127th birthday, just how many pieces of art will that be? Hmmm.

Thanks for looking, it has been a pleasure to be associated with these talented and helpful ladies of the Dawg team. They are marvelous! Here is some of my newer works,





Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not Quite Ready...

The days are shorter and the kids are back to school. The nights are cooler and leaves are already falling off the oaks in my yard. I know what's coming but I am not quite ready for fall, just yet.
Just hanging on to the last blooms a little while longer.

White Poppy

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wow! August went by fast!

Do you ever wish you lived here? My life this month has been extremely chaotic. I always hope things will slow down and they never do, but that's what I get for having 8 kids! My 3 year old never stops either. Between weddings and face painting gigs and school starting, I didn't know if I would have time to create anything, but the problem is, I have to create, so sometimes my house isn't as clean as I want it to be or something gets neglected. This of course, makes my sweet wonderful husband and children a little put off with me. I'm writing this little blog after forgetting that today was my day and sweet Lisa reminding me! My 3 year old is dancing circles around my feet. She should be in bed but we have to go get her brother after the football game because he is in band. I would love some peace to create for a whole day!!!!! Well, my ebay store is doing alright. After initially doing very well within the month, sales have slowed down, but seem fairly consistent. No, I haven't actually made anything yet, after paying high fees, but have been able to pick up some supplies. This shadowbox is my newest creation. It is made from a recycled wallet box. I really like how it turned out, but will see if it sells? My newest project is a Halloween trinket box, and I continue to try and make more and more original domino art pendants. I will be working on a custom order during the month of September from a lady who had me make treasure boxes for her little boys. She wants two more for Christmas. One with an elf and dolphin theme and one with Rudolph and a rocket ship. LOL Well everyone, thanks so much for dropping by. If I ever seem out of it, just drop me a line and I will return and say hello. I will be adding more to my etsy shop also soon. Everyones art is so wonderful and I also wanted to thank Von again for the potato head aceo.
Myrna, Love your Halloween special!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One HALLOWEEN Original watercolor painting by Myrna Migala

Back to School which means Halloween, falling leaves, Thanksgiving are all around the corner.

Thanks for coming to visit our BLOG, it changes daily so come often. Today I would like to show off my HALLOWEEN Original watercolor painting. It is a 9" x 12" inch painting and listed now on My username on ETSY is thanks4lookin, there you will find my shop with ACEO's and other watercolor paintings.

ETSY is a fun site where you can purchase handmade items. Many are one of a kind so keep that in mind for Christmas. Remember to get your Christmas shopping done early so you can enjoy the Season.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Photographs By Lisa

I have always loved taking photos! I can't remember a time when I didn't own some type of camera. I remember my lst little Polaroid camera with the drop in film, and we would send it off in little mailer envelopes to get them developed back them. Oh the anticipation for them to arrive in the mail, only to get those poor little pictures back that was horrible!! Most were blurry and had big shadows on them, Ah... but they were the most awesome thing around back them. Then one day my dad bought a instant Polaroid, WOW you talk about up town, we my friends were!! Not every family had one of those in my neighbor and Daddy would tell me not use that Camera because it was a special camera for special occasions, that was like laying a chocolate candy bar on the table and saying don't eat that Lisa!!! LOL Well I would sneak it out and take photos with it, of silly things to most people, a tree, or my 3 three wheeler!!, wild flowers, it didn't matter it was just the thrill of taking a photo and seeing come to life. Daddy would always wonder what happen to that film, and I would always play dumb. LOL Fun times Now the digital world has come about and I take more photos than anyone can ever imagine, My husband and I renewed our wedding vows in 2006 in Jamaica and someone asked me the other day did you take any photos, DUH!! I took over 500 photos, that would have never! been possible without the digital age today. My love for life, nature and everything in it gives me freedom to capture it on film. I love sharing everything with people so they can see it all like I do. I want everyone to feel the sense of awl that I feel when I see the ocean, or wildflowers, or a unique tree. You name I like to photograph it! Here are some of my unique finds!