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Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello, fellow bloggers!

My name is Christine Poe. This is my first time blogging and I am not really even sure what to say. I am a published author of romance books and most recently an artist. Writing is and has always been my main passion, until I discovered drawing ACEO cards on eBay.

What is an ACEO? Art Cards Editions and Originals, and they are all 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the size of a baseball card. Any medium of art is accepted and the talent of the artists is fantastic. ACEOs are as fun to collect as they are to create. And a very inexpensive way to collect art or give it as a gift.

For some more samples of my art visit my eBay:

I am the writer in my family, my mom, brother, and little sister were the artists, and my older sister was wonderful at decorating and interior design. I write to entertain myself, to entertain my friends, for good grades, to relieve stress and just for fun. One day I decided to become a published author and submitted to many editors with encouraging results. I was tickled when my first publisher bought all three books I submitted. Seeing my writing in a real book was an awesome experience and I am hooked on writing...forever. I have always been a fast reader too, and I devour books of all types when I am in the mood, so research is never a problem.

You can read excerpts from my books at my website:

Finding time to write can be difficult with my large multi-generation household, but that is where I find drawing comforting. I met my second husband 11 years ago and together we have seven children and fourteen grandchildren. It can get hectic at times. :)

I love animals, nature and wildlife, and I enjoy creating them in my art, especially cats. No matter where I have lived, I have always had cats. They seem to find me as though I wear a flashing neon sign that reads "all cats accepted here"! I have included cats in several of my books as well. At present we have far too many cats, but which one do I turn away? We live on a large farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains and our property backs up upon the Shenandoah National Park so wildlife abounds. It isn't unusual to look out the door and see a herd of mom and baby deer, or a black bear scratching his back on the tree, or a raccoon begging for handouts on the deck.

I grew up in Long Beach, California, so living in the near wilderness is a perfect life for me. I moved away from the "big city" years ago because I couldn't stand the crowds of people everywhere you go, the noise, and the pollution. Okay, so I am a tree-hugger, sue Lately, it seems we are experiencing a population growth because of the Washington D.C. folks wanting a bit of the "quiet life" too. I can't blame them, but I hate to see the wonderful old farms turn into sub-divisions or worse -- commercial expansion. :(

About me personally: I love the ocean. I miss the smell of the fresh salt air. I miss the sticky feeling of sea spray on my body as I search the sandy beaches for shells. I miss the ocean sunsets, they seem to go on forever. I love the mountains too, both the Rockies and the Blue Ridge. I love the smell of pine trees and the crunch of the dry pine needles underfoot. I love the inspiring views from the mountain tops. I love the sunsets across the Shenandoah Valley below with the river twinkling in the dimming sunlight. I love the rain, the sound of it on the metal roof, the sweet smell of the meadows once it has been and gone. I love the thunder too, it reminds me of the ocean's roar as waves crash upon the shoreline. I love the moon and the way it winks mysteriously down upon us. I love all creatures great and small, to quote a fellow author, even the ornery ones. I love children. They are my worst weakness, or maybe they are my strength. I have enough children and grandchildren of my own, but I seem to collect strays here and there along life's journey. All children need love and encouragement, and I am a sucker for them and their needs. They bring such joy into your life, it far overwhelms the trials they create. I love life and am happy I can experience the things life offers me.

That's about it. I love to talk animals, I love to write animals, and I love to draw animals, especially cats. Come visit me!


Barbsgarden said...

Very good Blog. Everyone, buy her books they are so good!!!!

Liz said...

Looking forward to reading one of your books. And I just love that little blue-eyed kitty you posted!!!

Joann said...

Chrissie........wonderful blog! I fixed your links for you! :)

lisak said...

You make me feel like I am standing on the beach Chrissie, Oh how I share your love of the ocean :)