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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adventures in Watercolor

Hi! I'm Lee Pierce and I've been playing with watercolors for more than 10 years. Painting the same subject several times will prove that it's an adventure. Watercolor has a life of it's own and you can go with the flow or try to control the outcome. I love both options.

In the Sun

Watercolors are portable. Paint on a road trip? Why not?

Cataldo Mission
Look what I found in Idaho, just outside of Coeur d'Alene. We were headed for Montana and found lots of picturesque spots on the route. A Spanish Mission in the Idaho panhandle took me by surprise.

Watercolors are versatile. They clean up easily and encourage a little experimentation.

A Sparkling Swim

Playing with watercolors and wax on sumi papers like unryu and masa for Batiks. They look fine matted and framed but can be very appealing in a float frame with all the deckle edges visible.

ACEOs or Art Cards are lots of fun to create and collect!

Hurricane Warning

Creating and collecting these affordable bits of art is what brought me to the Designing Artists Womens Group (affectionately known as DAWG)!

Stop in here often to check out all the beautiful and varied work this wonderful group of Artists has to offer.


susan said...

Lee, your watercolors are so 'fresh' looking.....serene, even.....and lovely, of course. Was your blog in place of my incompetence?.....:)

Lee said...

Susan you are too funny! Nope, the 24th is my day at the switch!
I'm glad you got here and commented.
You are on your way to blogging!

Barbsgarden said...

Great presentation on the blog. Lovely art.

Lee said...

Thanks Barb! High praise from you :) made my day!

lisak said...

Lee your paintings are just wonderful, I am truly an admirer especially those orchids! OH take my breath away!!