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Monday, January 18, 2010

OOPs - Missed My Day

Good Morning, sorry I missed my day to blog, which was yesterday.

Yesterday we were busy having just a small bit of remodeling done on our home. My Son-in-law came over to install a new back door with a dog door and narrow side window next to it.

We have been wanting a dog door for a long time now as we have to get up a million times (small exaggeration) to let the dog in and out.

Now letting said dog in and out has become one of her favorite games, and one she is particularly fond of and impatient with.

She is either pouting or afraid of "the door", I am betting pouting as she has used a dog door at our friends house since she was a puppy. She seems to think we have to be standing at "the door" for her to go out or come in it. I am trying to see the "Delight" (for those that don't know, delight is my word for the year and I am suppose to remember it when I feel sad, agitated, etc.) in this process but having a tad bit of trouble with that.

Here is the picture of her hiding under the table, is this the look of pouting, fear, being a brat, or maybe just an I'm confused.

Someone suggested that she is just having a learning curve, so that is what I will choose to believe. We praise her when she does use the door and she wiggles all over and is very proud of herself when she accomplishes the feat, now to just get her to realize she can do it on her own.....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Store

I just opened a cool new store that sells jewlery, watches, porcelain plates, belt buckles, flasks, lighters, golf clips and so much more.
Click here to go to my Artamatik Shop
So far I have my Zebras and my Coming Through images on the products. I can't wait to order some items!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello everyone reading, and a Happy New Year to all!

A brand new page to write on is what a New Year means too many. Let us not make the same mistakes again. I think if you think about this deeply this is the reason why New Year means so much too many. We all want that second chance.

New Year also means “time” which is why we see clocks to symbolize New Year. What is time? When we enter eternity no longer exists. Can you imagine existing where “time” is not.

What does this have to do with art? Nothing really, I just thought I would share some of my thoughts these days.

Like most artists, I love to create images, through all sorts of mediums, but at the moment I prefer water mediums. There was a time when mermaids, cats, dogs, animals were so popular, if you painted one you were guaranteed a sale. No so anymore, I find the people who are buying ACEO’s , (art cards) are buying a particular, selective style, or if you happen to touch their heart, or something that they are passionate about collecting, a very particular theme. Last month I had great success with my 12 Days of Christmas series. I also have success with my religious art, and have noticed that landscapes are popular with many collectors, especially those with a colorful sky.

These are only a couple of my observations today, tomorrow they might be totally different, that is what makes the world go round with time always changing, everything changes except the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and so is His Church, which is why I am a Traditional Catholic.

The painting above is of St. Anthony, recently sold on Ebay with multiple bids, the story of St. Anthony in short is: The Saint is depicted holding the Child Jesus because one night, his little cell suddenly filled up with light. Jesus appeared to Anthony in the form of a tiny child. Count Tiso saw the light shining from the room and St. Anthony holding and communicating with the infant. The count fell to his knees upon seeing this wondrous sight. And when the vision ended, Anthony saw the count kneeling at the open door. Anthony begged Count Tiso not to reveal what he had seen until after his death. St. Anthony is also the patron of the lost. Saints are living with God, and are God's heavenly friends which is why Catholics honor them.

I love painting traditional Catholic art and am especially thrilled when someone else appreciates the painting; to me, that can only mean the Faith is alive and well.
Today I am working on Our Lady of the Streets, St. Christopher, St. Anthony,(again) and other religious art, this is my New Year resolution for 2010, to serve God through my art. I still might try my luck painting a cat, doggie, fish, or any other of Gods creations, only time will tell.

Blessings, always, Myrna = Thanks4lookin (my ebay and ETSY I.D.)