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Friday, August 8, 2008

Art N More

Hello Dawg Bloggers!
I'm Tammy Fleetwood Moody, a Dawg Team member from Southeast Missouri! I'm a jack of all trades & master of none that's been creating art since I was eight years old- so for a very long time now!
The Dawgs sniffed me out on Ebay! lol
So technically Ebay should post a
"Beware of the Dawgs"
sign on their site! lol
I sell paintings, ACEO cards & other jazz at Ebay in my little shop called Art-N-More!
You can visit me there by clicking on the following link!
This fall you'll see the return of Little Miss Witch & Kitty and other ACEO favorites!
Aside from Ebay, my art can be found on tshirts, mugs, hats, magnets, tote bags, dog bowls, & even travel mugs in my Cafe Press shop! You can visit me by clicking on the following link!

Flamenco Dancer: Ode to Maria is one of my best selling designs on Cafe press!

When I'm not busy at those two places, you'll find me creating Greeting Cards at Greeting Card Universe! I have thousands of designs available for almost every occasion! You can visit me by clicking on the following link!

Visit Me at Tam Moody's Cards!

Little Angel Birthday card for aunt! This is just one of many!

So if you get a chance to visit, by all means come and see me at one of those locations! I'd be happy to hear from you! So leave store feedback or comment on my items & I'll know you've been there! Thanks for stopping by!


lisak said...

Oh your flamigo dancer is awesome! I love her!

montyandrosie said...

Tammy - you do so much - you're a marvel!

Joann said...

I love little Miss Witch and Kitty!

Barbsgarden said...

Tammy this is wonderful and I love your art.

cuteartworld said...

I can see why Flamenco Dancer is a big hit!! Love it!!! I so want to sell my art as cards but everything new really scares me..