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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My name is Myrna

Someone, I don't know who, said, "a picture is a poem without words." How true those words are for me.

I am an ordinary grandmother who has finally found a little time in my life to sit down and paint a picture. Starting with an idea and closing my eyes I imagine how to compose my art. I take my pencil do a little sketch, brush and begin with no expectations; resulting with a little surprise when finished. That is the best part for me. The finish! I call it a surprise because I never know how it will turn out.

Lately I have been taking prints of my watercolor paintings and creating greeting cards from them. What a thrill that is when one is sold.

I hope you enjoy this Birthday card recently created by myself.

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Joann said...

Good Job Myrna! You do beautiful work!

cuteartworld said...

Hurray for you Myrna! I think you are terrific! I have wanted to sell greeting cards for some time now but just lack the motivation to set it all up.