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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Visions Of Sugar Plums...."

When I was a Junior in High School we were given the following recipe at Christmas time by My teacher, Miss Hauser. This is a great alternative for people who just can't quite like fruit cake. It is one that is liked by all ages. I used to make these and gift them to friends and family. The only thing you need to remember that is not in the recipe is to use Large fruit flavored gumdrops cut in quarters or small whole gumdrops, if you use small gumdrops make sure they are the fruit flavor ones and not the spice ones.

This recipe was scanned from a cookbook that I made each of my children of all our family favorite recipes, I hope you enjoy:

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and many Blessings in the New Year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

How To Decorate Using Your ACEOS.

This is what you see to your right when you walk in my front door.  This is a good example of how I incorporate my aceos and my Iris Folding Greeting Cards into my decorations.

This is a close-up of the right hand side of the buffet.  You will see the work of Tapestry, LDPhotography, B. Stoumbos, and Art2artcolorado.

Here you will see the work of LDPhotography, my flower on canvas, my three Christmas Cards, ArtistSueTaylor, Pinkglitterfae, and Alwaysartistic and my flower on canvas Aceo.


Here are my Christmas Cards and work from LDPhotography, Alwaysartistic, and ArtworkbyImelda.

I do this all year around.  I change my Aceos with the seasons, with the holidays, or with different themes.  I hope this gives you some ideas of how to incorporate your aceos in your home in attractive ways, so that you can enjoy them every day.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter's Serenity Sweatshirt

Many people seem to like cardinals and this (Winter's Serenity) is my most popular design. This design, and others can be found on many different products from tshirts, sweatshirts, cards, stickers, mugs, pillows, coasters, clocks, keepsake boxes, mousepads, calendars, posters, prints and so much more.
This sweatshirt can be found in my CafePress shop.
I also have products in my Zazzle store.
I hope you stop by my shops and look around. Come back often and be sure to tell your friends. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

All About ACEOs

ACEOs and what exactly are they?

Have you ever seen a baseball card? To answer the questions; ACEOs are collectibles much like baseball cards are to baseball fans. ACEO appeals to everyone because they are truly affordable, original works of art and they are available in every theme under the sun. Wherever your heart is, there is someone out there right now, no doubt creating a tiny work of art. If you are searching for a particular theme and just haven’t found it yet, request it and you will have so many choices to choose from. Why is that? ACEOs are fun to create, that’s why.

What can you do with an ACEO? You can easily slip them into a greeting card and mail your favorite person an original work of art. You can frame them and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can put them in an album on your coffee table for your guests. They make a great conversation starter. Purchase a baseball card frame at stores like Michaels Craft or other stores that carry frames, and change out the cards depending on the season of the year.

Lately I have had some success doing the "12 Days of Christmas" theme currently on Ebay.

I am still working on the last 4 days of Christmas, and since ACEOs are so very tiny it is a challenge to figure out how to fit the Lords a leaping, and 12 drummers, although I do have a few unique ideas.

Above is my version of "Six Geese a-laying"

Merry Christmas, and remember "It is what it IS - CHRISTMAS"