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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Susan Alison paintings - warning - no dogs!!!

Just to show you a picture that DOES NOT HAVE A DOG IN IT!!!! I'm just proving that I can in fact paint a dogless picture.

However, should you wish to view four dogs playing Scrabble, then do go to my dog blog at to see them.

Honestly - it took two packets of custard creams to get the perfect half-eaten one to paint. It's true! Two packets. The things I have to do for my art. The sacrifices, the onerous duties, the trauma of it all...... I'm gonna go lie down to recuperate.

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And to prove that wasn't a fluke here's another dogless picture called 'Table for One'

This picture is a good example of painting 'negative spaces' - that is, you paint the shapes around the space you want left eg in the tablecloth and the chair - you're painting the holes not the actual item.

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