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Friday, October 3, 2008

In honor of Sarah Palin

Hello, and yes.... I am a proud conservative.
It is my prayer that whoever gets into office this time will end corruption. Sarah has already proven herself with this action in Alaska, her ticket gets my vote; I hope you too will consider ending corruption by giving them a chance.

I am so proud of Sarah Palin. Last night during the debate, her integrity came shining through loud and clear, and has given me hope for America. Especially since we are in the beginning, end or middle of an economy crisis. We need change! Change is not always a good thing, but with Sarah's influence I feel this change will be a wonderful happening for our Country.
They both have proven already COUNTRY FIRST!

With only one month away from the day we all go and vote why not talk about politics?

I did this tiny watercolor of her, and listed it on ETSY. This is done in an artform known as ACEO. Very collectible baseball sized original watercolor, not a print.
Link to my listing on ETSY:

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