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Friday, October 24, 2008

Autumn Glory

There is just something deeply inspiring about Fall. As artists I often wonder if we feel it more acutely than everyone else.

This time of year always brings out the poet in me and brings me back to one of my favorite poems by Joyce Kilmer:

  • "I think that I shall never see
  • A poem lovely as a tree."

One of my favorite things about fall colors is driving in the country side and taking it all in with my family along for the ride.

We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful country! There are natural wonders everywhere and it seems like even the most mundane of commutes, like to and fro work, can be enhanced if we only pause long enough to enjoy the view.

So get out there, go for a nature hike. Watch how much your children and grandchildren love the leaved and wonder about acorns, and take a cue from them. Fill a vase with leaves and pine or whatever inspires you. Then, make it into the most glorious still life tribute to Fall we've ever seen!

Happy Fall Y'all!

From Missouri,

Crystal Gail


Paper Moon Delights said...

This is a fabulous pc, ok is a photo or a painting??? you got me? LOL Lisa

Gail said...

it it a photo, but I have been wanting to paint it!

Joann said...

Breathtakingly beautiful.