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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Little about St.Patrick's Day

My name is Myrna Migala, and today is my turn to post something.

We women love to create, we create all kinds of art as you know, speaking to the many that read this blog.
Myself I love to watercolor, and through the internet with so many different avenues to show, sell you art, one particular place I especially like is to create my watercolor paintings into paper greeting cards. Not only paintings, but photo's, digital art, or images that are public domain. By clicking the Title you can see my image at GCU; I used an old holy card which is in public domain, and with some digital computer tricks created this greeting card for St. Patrick's Day.
To view my Greeting Card just click the Title above that says "A Little about St.Patrick's Day"

A dear friend of mine gave me this receipe from Ireland for "Blarney Stones", for this receipe you really have to follow the instructions to a "T".

In separate bowl, beat until stiff peaks form 4 egg whites and set aside.

Combine in order, and bend well, 4 egg yolks, beaten; 2 c. sugar; 1 tsp vanilla;
1 c.boiling water.

Sift together and add to batter a bit at a time: 2 c. and 2 T. flour; 4 tsp. baking powder; 1/4 tsp. salt.

Gently fold into batter, stir until smooth: egg whites

Set temperature at 325 degrees and bake in 9"x13" pan which has been lined with waxed paper on bottom (grease and flour sides of pan). Bake 50-60minutes until golden brown.

Let, cool. Cut into rectangles and frost on all sides with butter cream frosting. (It's best to have pieces cold or partially frozen as to handle easier when frosting.) Roll each frosted piece in ground peanuts so as to cover all sides.

Butter Cream Frosting you will compine in order and beat until creamy 3/4 butter, softened, 2 lbs, confecioner's sugar and milk to spread about 7 Tablespoons.

It's best to use salted dry roasted peanuts, chopped or grind them, a 24 ounce jar is enough.

About St. Patrick:
Patrick was taken from his family and sold into slavery at an early age. After freedom he travelled to the Monastery of Auxerre in France, where he was educated.

He traveled to Ireland with 25 followers in the year 432. The band of religious crusaders spent the winter sheltering under the kind patronage of Dichiu, a local landowner, who was one of the first Irish converts to Christianity.

When the King showed his interest in Christianity the druids were incensed at the King's actions - as they would be out of a job if the King accepted Patrick's religion - and demanded to know whether he could create snow. Sensing a trap, Patrick replied that it was God's place, not his, to determine the weather. Astonished, he gazed out to the countryside which moments before had been basking in the spring sun. Now, blankets of snow were cascading down. St Patrick, knowing no other course of action, made the sign of the cross and, miraculously the snow disappeared and the sunshine resumed.

When the King asked questions and wanted explanation of the Trinity, Patrick, in desperation, prayed to God for inspiration. Casting his eyes about the ground he focused on a patch of shamrock. He plucked it from the ground and held it in his hands. "Here," he said to his audience. "There is one stem but there are three leaves on it. So it is with the Blessed Trinity. There is one God but three persons stemming from the same divinity."

King Laoghaire, impressed by Patrick's devotion and rhetoric, gave him his blessing to preach the Gospel throughout Ireland.


Paper Moon Delights said...

Wow very interesting thanks for sharing I will be trying the recipe!

Marlene said...

Wonderful post! The Blarney Stones sound yummy. I will go check out your card now.