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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fabric Painting

Well here goes...My first ever blog post! Hope I am doing this right.
I thought I would talk about my favorite surface to paint on.
Jean fabric! I love the way the paint feels going on it. So soft and smooth and I love the way the colors pop as the fabric absorbs the paint.
I buy used jeans, children's bibs, shirts, and dresses at rummage sales and thrift stores. Then I paint them into something new to sell on EBay or at craft sales.
Fabric paint has changed a lot in the 40 some years since I started painting t-shirts and sweatshirts for my friends and family. Gone is that stiff plastic feel that would crack and peel after washing. Today's fabric paints and mediums leave the clothing feeling much softer and more like the paint was a part of the fabric.
Here are a few jean items that I have painted.


Marlene said...

That is wonderful, love the way it looks on the denim.

lisa's blog said...

Those look wonderful, I remember the old paints you are talking about, I use to try them along time ago! Those look wonderful to paint with! Thanks for sharing, something new to try! A Great blog of information! :) Great to have you with us!

Aloquin said...

I remember the puffy paints that were popular in the 80's, I guess it was... would write all over my sweatshirts. :) I'd love to try this, though... you've got a great style!

Fox On The Run Meanderings... said...

I love the jean jacket, colorful and cheery.

Rachel said...

Those are very pretty! If you're going to do an stencil work or just want to change the color of a garment you might want to check the stuff that I use called Simply Spray from

It's really easy to use, non-toxic, and washes of your hands very easily.

Keep up the good work!