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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is there tips to selling on Ebay?

Well you see all kinds of things that lead you to believe that there is a secret to selling on ebay, we will look at some of their tips and see if it will help us sell any better!! So here goes
A Little Fun To Watch Video
Your Auction Title

That's right, the secret for getting the most traffic to your auction is your auction title. Your auction title is probably the most important feature when someone is searching on eBay.
What makes the title so important?

The keywords in your auction titles!It is a well known fact that the majority of people that find an auction listing, find it through the keywords in the auction title. Most people will only searching in the titles and not selecting the "Search Title and Description" option.If you were to go to eBay and start looking at your competitors auction titles, you would find they are using keywords in their titles to attract buyers. Incorporating those important keywords into your auction titles is a surefire method for improving your auction traffic.Your auction titles must contain the specific keywords that buyers are using in their searching in order for them to be able to find all your auctions. A high percentage of auctions fail because their listings were never found by the buyers.I have seen this happen over and over again. When you take the best strategies, being used by your power seller competitors, in your own auction listings, you are literally very hard to beat!
eBay has recently started counting "neutral" feedback marks as negative for the purpose of calculating your feedback rating. In one swoop millions of accounts went from perfect to less than perfect.First, the bright side of this eBay change is that if you can manage to keep your feedback high you'll REALLY stand out now.It's now more important than ever that you educate your customers on the importance of good feedback.Here are a couple ideas:1. IMMEDIATELY leave feedback for all customers that buy from you. There is no benefit in waiting since you can no longer leave them neutral or negative feedback as a seller.2. Next, in all "post sale" email and shipping correspondence with customers include a statement something like this (even BEFORE they pay):
We just left you positive feedback on eBay. Anything short of your 5 Star 100% positive feedback back to us considered to be a TOTAL FAILURE ON OUR PART because we want you 100% happy. If there is anything else we can do to earn your prompt 5 star 100% positive feedback please let us know at (email address). Here's a link to leave us PERFECT feedback once you are pleased with your experience:
How To Search Your Competition
Go to eBay and sign in.If you don't have an account yet, you can create one now for free. 1.Click the "Advanced Search" link located at the top of most eBay pages. 2.Enter your keywords and any other search information. 3.Select the Completed listings only check box. 4.Click the Search button.Note: If you are not currently signed-in, you will be prompted to do so before you can see your search results.Once your search has completed, you will usually see a rather large list where the price is given in either Green or Red text. The Green indicates that the product has sold and the amount that it sold for. The Red indicates that the item was not sold.When you see that your competitor's have been selling a lot of products, it means that the seller is doing something right because of all the successful completed auctions.Now you want to take a look at all those corresponding auction titles and descriptions and then incorporate the keywords into your auction titles.The next step is to test your auctions. List your auctions under different categories with different keywords that are relevant to the product and to category you are listing it in to see which one performs better. Watch for a pattern so that you will know which one is the "keeper". It won't take you long at all to discover which category works best for you, and then you will be able to work that category more effectively to produce the maximum traffic and of course, earn more money.The next secret....Drum Roll....Be sure to use plural words when testing your auction titles.The majority of eBay searchers type in plurals rather than singular words. For example: "domain names" not "domain name". When you test both the singular and plural form of the keywords in your auction titles, you are going to find out which one is more effective, and will then bring you more money!
Start Your Items At A Low Price
First you have to decide on what the minimum price is that you would accept for your item. If you start your listing at $1.00, which is the new minimum price that you can list at, you will attract more bidders at the beginning of the auction. The next minimum price you would want to use for a higher priced item, is $9.99. $10 to $24.99, your listing fee goes up, and so on. NO RESERVE A reserve price is a set price that must be met before the item will be sold. If the reserve price is not met, then the seller is not obliged to sell the item. An example would be if you have an reserve of $20, and your item sells for $13.99 you do not have to complete the sale & release the item. eBay will list it again for free, but if it does sell the second time around they will take their fees.Most people don't want to bid on reserved prices. Psychologically, they want the option of being able to win the auction at a lower price, even though they are willing to pay more if the bidding gets up there, in their minds they think they may get it for less. Even if you have something that is a very high dollar item, it is better to have the bidding start at a higher bid amount and pay the higher fee, than it is to put a reserve on the item.
How to Keep Your eBay Listings In Constant View Seven Days a Week
By Avril Harper
It's important to be selling continuously on eBay, literally day by day, giving you constant stock turnover and regular daily profits. You do it by getting potential buyers to focus on your products over rival listings but you have very limited time to achieve your objective.Most importantly, your products must appear in the first few pages of eBay's search listings whenever someone keys in words to describe items such as you are selling. But there is a big problem here.The problem's down to eBay's listings appearing in reverse order, from those closest to ending, through to items only recently listed. Items listed on the first pages of any popular category will be those ending in the next few minutes or hours, and few people will search beyond the current day's listings.To illustrate, imagine I want to buy some CDs, featuring Roy Orbison, for example, and Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, John Denver, and others. If I go online right now and key those names into eBay's search engine, I'll almost certainly have dozens of pages of suitable product listings to search through.Given I definitely don't want to spend hours looking for CDs with so many similar items listed I'll probably order something from the first or second page and ignore the rest.Now imagine you are selling those CDs, but you only list on Sundays, and today is Tuesday. Your listings have six more days to go before they'll appear on the first few pages so I almost certainly won't buy from you today.By listing all your products the same day, they'll also all be selling the same day, so you're only going to reach page one of eBay's listings for an insignificant part of the week ahead. You are reaching just a tiny part of your target audience.You circumvent the problem by listing all your products daily, which by implication means you have product listings ending daily, and consequently everything you sell features in the first few pages returned by eBay when someone searches for items such as you are selling.

Well maybe you can find a few secret tips out of these that will help you too! Share your thoughts on all of these! :) Lisa


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