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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now Think About Packaging for Shipping....

You don't want to just throw your art in an envelope; although that is perfectly acceptable, a buyer anxiously awating the art they purchased will be pleasently suriprise with a little extra touch to your packaging.

I feel presentation is important when shipping out your art. Here's a few tips to use when sending art work to a customer.

Packaging TIPS:

Adding a personal note in a Thank You or Notecard leaves a good impression with your buyer.

A little handmade envelope to put your art in is an extra goodie for your customer. This website offers free templates for ACEO size envelpoes and many other templates that may be helpful in packaging and also creating art.


Protecting your art.

There are several types of clear sleeves to use in shipping your art. They are very affordable and protect your little masterpiece. The "Penny Sleeves" are what I like to use because they fit so nice in the handmade envelopes. The Rigid Top Loaders are also great and offer more protection from being bent in transit. These sleeves are normally used for baseball cards, but I have found them to be a perfect fit for ACEO art.

Using cardstock to stiffen and protect your art from being bent also works well for envelopes.

If you have a business card, add it to your package too!

What About the Outside of your Package?

I like to use rubber stamps with pretty designs. Stamps or stickers that reflect holiday's and seasons is great to use also. You can have a special stamp or sticker made with a logo to announce that your art has arrived!


Paper Moon Delights said...

Super Job Love the information on shipping those aceos thanks so much!! :)

Joann said...

Good job. I like the top loaders. Good idea about the little envelops. I will have to check into that.

brendathour said...

Great info. I really like the idea of getting a stamp made with your logo on.

Designing Artist Womens Group (DAWG) Team said...
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catdancing51 said...

Very nice Annamarie! And since I have received many of your beautiful art cards I can totally agree with you on this subject.


Marlene said...

Wonderful blog with lots of great information. Thanks for the link I will bookmark it for later use.