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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out Smarting the Kitties

All of you "Cat People" can probably relate to my story.  I have 2 cats..LeeLu and Lily. I spend more money at the pet store buying things I just KNOW the girls will like.  My husband  says, "You waste your money. They won't like that."  I always want to prove him wrong.

My problem is I watch all those infomercials that make it look like your cat will love whatever the item is.This time I was sure that it would be different. So I go to the pet store and buy a self grooming cat brush (you know the one in an arch) and an emery scratching board (the one where the TV cat stretches and scratches and looks so happy).

I buy them, set them up-- No Interest.  I soak them in catnip--No interest.  OH, I thought I can outsmart those girls.  I pull out the laser pointer. They love to chase it around. I point it under the arch of the self grooming brush thinking they'd go under it brush themselves and see how good it feels..nope. They just ran around it.  I gave up.  Then I decide well maybe they need a demonstration of how to use the scratching board so I kneel down and demonstrate scratching the board.  They watched and looked very interested. Then Lily decided it was more fun to put her paw under the board, playing with a toy she swatted under there.

I give up...instead of outsmarting the kitties I think they have outsmarted me.

~~~The above ACEO Original Watercolor is available in my Etsy shop-Painted Panache by Joann Y Wheeler.


Paper Moon Delights said...

Funny, I am a dog lover, not cats, but your cat painting is ever so cute!!! :)

brendathour said...

Joann, that is just too funny, and I would have loved to see you demonstrate for your cats. Love the kitty artwork!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

LOL It is fun to buy them stuff. You would laugh if I told you some of the stuff I have bought my parrot in the past! What a cute painting!