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Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Flowers

This weekend I created 3 new aceo's using acrylic. When I first started painting, I used acrylic, then changed to water soluble oil back in 2004. Seldom do I pull out the acrylics, and I had forgotten how much fun they can be.

This one is Summer Flower aceo

Summer Flower II aceos

Blue Crystal aceo
This one was created using only a palette knife, something I very rarely do, infact I only remember using a palette knife once before in a painting. It was fun!
Hope you enjoyed seeing my latest work. You are the first ones to see these. I haven't even posted them on my own blog yet. Have a fabulous day!


Paper Moon Delights said...

I really like the blue crystal, it has the pow effect when you look at it!! :) Great work!

Lee said...

Lovely and unique!

Pam of Always Artistic said...