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Monday, March 2, 2009

Art Quest Challenges

Designing Artist Women's Group

Our Great Artist Group Does bi-monthly Art Challenges called "QUESTS". It's helps us step out of our comfort zone and try something new and different, well we are changing things up a bit.

I have decided to change the ART QUESTS up a bit, give it more of an exciting flavor and more of a "PRIZE PACKAGE" to boot!
When you enter your art for the Certain Art Quest Challenge You are putting that art into the Prize Pot, so you can use what you have or do new ones it is all up to you, You will be in charge of mailing your art to the Lucky Winners! I think This will give Our Quests More of a Competition edge and a FUN to WIN! and enter type of Challenge for everyone! So whatever the Challenge Quest is for that time, you enter your artwork, it goes into the PRIZE POT for the Winning Finalists.
I Want this to be a Fun and Exciting Challenge for you to expant your Artist Talents. So Let's give it a try on a next QUEST! So get ready to paint, draw, create, whatever your talent may be!!

We Will have 1. 2. 3. place winners, I will designate who will send what cards to the 2nd and 3rd place winners and the lst Place Winner will get all the rest of the QUEST Entries! . ALSO This Time THe lst Place Winner Will Win a FREE AD On The FRONT Page with Their Website Info!! Plus a Prize BOX OF Goodies I have here waiting So this Quest is going to be a good one to win! Don't miss out on it!!

So When you enter Something for The Quest NOW it goes into the WINNER'S POT! So This is a GREAT Thing for the Winners and a Challenge for you! So put more engergy into it and come up with something unique and enter only ONE! You can paint as many as you like but you are entering one ONE art for the QUEST Challenge itself. At the end it will be sent to the winner. So don't sell it.

Do you think you would like to join our Great Artist group, well if you paint, draw, create or photograph, and you are a Lover of our Lord and a WOMAN! Then come on over you will love our group!

Come see what all the great Fun in about! :)


readingsully2 said...

I would enjoy this group.

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Marlene said...

Hi Carole, It is me lazyhawk. I see you read our blog, I know you would enjoy this group we do have a lot of fun and most of the time our quest can also fit a bounty challenge.