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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello everyone out there reading this blog. My name is Myrna aka "thanks4lookin" on Ebay, Etsy and now Bonanzle.

I recently joined Bonanzle, and yes it is another place to buy and sell art, but not only art; found objects, books, and anything unusual. I sell art, well I am trying to sell art. I haven't sold any there YET!

Haven't been there too long, but that's no excuse. Everyone is just saving their money. I say, "SPEND YOUR MONEY, before the government does it for you."

If you haven't been to Bonanzle you might want to visit the site. What I like best about it is when you click on the images, you can actually click again and get a really nice look at the image listed. Important especially when you are selling art.

So today I am pitching Bonanzle, hope you will visit the site, my booth is at; just in case you are curious.

While I have your attention, may I mention this month at my ETSY shop, located at I am having what I call a MARCH MADNESS SALE WITH FREE SHIPPING on all my ACEO's there and for a limited time its a buy one and get another one FREE. Just follow the instructions at the top of my announcement page.

Remember to spend you money now before the government does it for you.

Bye till next time, and thanks for looking.


Renagade said...

I LOVE your slogan....Spend your money before the goverment spends it for you!
And Art is always a good investment.
I want to say Welcome to Bonanzle! And I also encourage your readers to visit Bonanzle....It truly is a unique site!

Paper Moon Delights said...

Good Job, I hope we can all start selling soon Bonanzle is a great place! :)

Chrisy said...

Hi there, Thanks for the links...I'll go and visit now...