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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eccentricity in artists

"Eccentrics work. They think things out. They ride many bikes." Robert Genn was writing recently about eccentricity in artists and this just hit me. I think that artists and Eccentrics don't just sit around and wait to be inspired, they work and think while working. That may mean that there are many works of art that aren't very good, but they do produce a lot and some of those are great. It's so easy to produce a lot of art in miniature sizes. ACEO cards, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches are a perfect way to produce many pieces. Occasionally there is an exceptional work or one may inspire you to produce an exceptional piece. I believe that my drawing skills have improved so much from producing these little works of art, that I would encourage any one desiring to improve their skills to 'make much art.' A friend of mine told me several years ago, when asked how to improve to, 'make 100 pieces of art'. She said nothing about size and since I had been contemplating this 'aceo card thing' anyway, I started making aceo cards. I have a few of those old cards left and when I compare them to the ones that I make now, I can see a big improvement.

I am getting a lot more eccentric though. When I draw or paint I am often thinking something humorous and it will come out ghoulish. I'm not sure why that happens. Case in point. I painted a wine bottle picture of a label with a jester on it because my husband said it reminded him of me, a clown. The jester painting evolved into a kind of self portrait as I added a clock that made no sence and ran backwards, [ I have NO sence of time] a broken mirror [my aging looks] wrinkle creme and my estrogen pills [from a hysterectomy and menopause]. It was funny to me. When I first hung it in the gallery, a lady was studying it closely and I went to talk to her. "I really like this painting, but it's so dark." [I thought maybe the colors, values, shadows] She went on and said "It's about drugs, alcohol and broken lives." Hmmm.. it could be, I can see that. It's so incredable how everyone sees something different.

I feel like I'm getting more eccentric. I do like to ride different bicycles.

Here is a homeless man that I just finished, and it was meant to be a bit more morbid and to make you think. I call it the 'Invisible Society' With the economy the way it is I may just do a series of these. Thank you for looking!

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Paper Moon Delights said...

Great Art, and love your blog it was fun and interesting to read!! :) Lisa