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Friday, March 20, 2009

Share some of your own special childhood memories!

Old family photos are the best medicine in the world sometimes! Not only do they let you go back in time and chuckle at the way things used to be or just enjoy a special moment in time, they tell a story all their own about the times gone by. So it's important to take those wonderful snapshots and make sure you label all of the people and add a date for future generations to see, know and share!
This is one of my special moments. It's a picture of me as a small girl with my Dad and two brothers- Lonnie and Jim.

Tell me about a fond, or special childhood memory you have!


Paper Moon Delights said...

Tammy what a wonderful old photo!! I just love it and I share your memories and take many more shots for all the next memories!! :) thanks for sharing Lisa

Paper Moon Delights said...

I look more at this photo and I see my dad just like that way before I was ever born, Fishing was his favorite thing to do in the world!! I have some great old photos of him with fish!! :) Thanks for the reminder

tgfleet said...

I love those old family shots- you notice different things at different times if you really look at some of them. Great!

readingsully2 said...

Aren't the old ones absolutely fabulous?