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Monday, February 8, 2010

What about you- adult or child?

I recently read a topic on the net (TwitterMoms I believe) that posed a question to readers and I was so amazed at the answers I had read that I thought I would pose the question here on the DAWG group to see what people would say.

At what point in your life did you realize you were not a child anymore?

Personally the question posed sort of a dilemma. I know I am an adult, but there is a part of me I believe that will always- or at least I hope always- will stay a child.
Being an artist, I sort of rely on that part of me for my creative process. It is that childish curiosity that I turn to when I pick up an object to look at it to draw or paint. I try to look at things with a child's eye -looking at something for the first time- to see things I probably would never notice as an adult. For example just picking a leaf up off of the ground. Looking at it's shape and line, seeing all of the little grooves and veins, feeling it's texture, the parts that are rough or smooth and seeing how the light looks on it when I turn it different directions.
It is that same childish part of me that helps me to appreciate the little things in day to day life. The rippling of a clear, cool stream, the sunlight through the trees, the little wonders of nature that reveal themselves to those paying attention and allowing us capture a glimpse of them in all of their glory- a little rabbit, a doe and fawn, or a groundhog. And it is that childish excitement that drives me to create the beauty of it all.
Really that is the best part of me- that childish side- it gives me hope and inspiration, it lets me believe in goodness and purity, it is the kindest, most loving part of my heart that allows my faith, my forgiveness, and my caring nature. And sometimes it is the source of my courage- courage to try new things, to seek out the unknown, to live life without fear, but with awe and wonder.
So what about you? When did you first realize you were all grown up- or have you?


Marlene said...

Interesting post. I would like to think that the child in me is still there and comes out to play once in a while. I think I thought of myself as an adult as a teenager when I realized I was the caretaker and not the child.

Aloquin said...

Thank God I haven't grown up yet... I witness "adults" all day long who have no time to bother with the silly games their children are playing, and it is really sad. I can't wait for summer because I'm going to be in the woods, exploring all over with my son Kyle. Besides, didn't Jesus Himself say "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven."

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Paper Moon Delights said...

Well what a great topic! to think about, one I know all to well, I have said this all my life, I grew up way to fast my mom died when I was 10, I grew up that day, I don't feel like I was ever a child! I don't have that playful childish way about me, I love children, but myself? I lost that, never feeling whole, always an empty spot, longing for something more! It's gone, my life is what it is, wonderful, truly wonderful, but still, a pc. of me, the childhood, was never there! I made sure my children had a childhood they would never forget!! All our lifes are so different!

tgfleet said...

I am still amazed at the unique answers to this question- I hope to see more responses! :)