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Thursday, February 4, 2010!

Happy Thursday, fellow DAWG Group, and God Bless!

Today I'm going to make a post about a new site that I found last night, called

This site is great for promoting your items that you wish to sell on Etsy or those that you just make and want to show to your online friends.

For no cost, it gives you a 30 second video where you can upload your pictures and set music to your video, either music from your own computer or varied tracks that the site itself has. I didn't know any of the songs they had listed EXCEPT for some in the Christian/Gospel section, so I thought that was pretty cool. :)

You can make as many videos as you want, and it is really awesome. Please, take a few minutes and check out this wonderful, easy to use site... and come see my own video HERE!

Have a great day, ladies, and always remember, every person you come across is an opportunity to show God's love. :)


Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks for the great way for us to show off our art!! We can always use ways to show off our own art and our DAWG groups art! :) Great Post Jennifer :)

Marlene said...

Cool video Jennifer!

Aloquin said...

LOL thanks... I'm going to make more once the baby gives me time to do so... maybe in 18 years? :)

brendathour said...

Cool! I love the video you made of your art, your pieces are beautiful. I will be creating some of my own in the future.