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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sellin HandMade on the internet.

We have Ebay and we have ETSY but today I want to talk about ArtFire.

Below is my rapid cart, a feature you receive when you join ArtFire.
Rapid Cart is a special feature here on which allows shoppers to buy items from your ArtFire studio without ever having to actually visit your studio! Rather, buyers can shop and make purchases straight from your Shop Window, posted on your blog or website.

I urge everyone to think about joining

Register on


Marlene said...

I'll check it out again but don't know if I am up for another place to maintain.

Aloquin said...

Me too... I'm always up for a new thing that works... but I don't know if it works? I'll have to go see it. :)

Belle said...

I have an artfire account, even paid for a premium one for a bit, but never sold anything. I think Etsy still gets more traffic, hopefully artfire will catch up. It is way easier to use!

lisa's blog said...

I have been on artfire for along time but never sold anything. Myrna have u sold much with it if sold is there any special tips?? Thanks. :)

Joann said...

I'm on it too and haven't sold anything. I had a paid upgrade to it and let it go. I think I just have a handful of things there but I don't want to concentrate on something that doesn't pay off for me.

If you are doing well that's wonderful. My things just don't seem to fit on that site.

Lee said...

Thanks for the info! I'll be checking it out :D