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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Days rolling on By.....

Wow I don't know where our days keep rolling on by so quickly anymore, I know I can't believe how each day slips by faster and faster to me, what about you??  I have been able lately to get a few artworks out and such,
 I so ready for the spring and sunshine to comeback!! :) The photo above is from one icy morning when the sun was actually showing itself!! :)
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1 comment:

Aloquin said...

You know what they say, Lisa... time will be speeded up in the end for the sake of the elect. The Bible says that, I think I got the phrase correct.

Lovely photo... was that altered in Photoshop, or is that the photo how it was taken?

Upon closer inspection of your ACEOs, I detect somewhat of a Steampunk edge to some of them... is this something you've purposefully achieved, or was it completely accidental?