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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Time and Snowflakes

Oh how I Love to watch the snow fallen, it gives me such peace. To see those beautiful soft white flakes floating to the ground, landing ever so gently atop the previous one. They finally all make such a wonderland scene of white. Did you ever watch the Christmas Story with the Red Rider B B Gun, "You'll shoot your eye out" :) Oh that is one of my favorite movies, the part when they wake up and look at the window on Christmas Morning to find a winter wonderland of snow, and they say WOW! That is where the tiny little bit of the kids needs to stay in our hearts!! I guess that is where I get the love and the longing for the beautiful snowfalls. Another one of my favorite movies, is the lst Walton show, The Christmas Story, snow, snow and more snow everywhere!

When I was growing up we would go for weeks with no school because there would be so much snow, now my kids all nearly grown, except for Seth 11th grader, still hopes for that snow!! We get a patch here or there, but nothing like when I grew up. I sure miss those big snows, and when we do get them, I am out in them taking photos! Yes snow can be a pain to drive in, and cause other problems, but oh what a precious gift God gave us with the beauty of those snowflakes. So the next time a snowflake starts to fall, Tell God Thanks for all his beauty!!

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Lee said...

Glad you are enjoying your snow, Lisa!

Even happier we have none :O

Brenda said...

Beautiful blog. Ya, we don't get near as much snow as we use to. Great memories! Thank you.