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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving into t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, tote bags, tiles and more at Susan Alison Art

Well, I thought - it's a New Year - time for some New Stuff!

So now I've got t-shirts and other garments with my designs on, and tote bags with my designs on and all in all, Border Collies are taking over the world! Yeah!

Here's Deep sea Dawg on a tie dyed t-shirt:

Click here for ebay auctions and Buy it Now items

And here's 'Her best baker boy hat' (remember those???) on a frost pink tank top......

Click here for collieish present ideas at Cafepress

Oh, okay - this creature below on his tote bag might not be a Border Collie - but he IS a Border Collie's friend...

Harvester - black tote bag 


And here for my shop on Etsy

The t-shirts are really comfortable, 100% cotton and you can have any of my designs on them. Below is 'Forget me not'.

Forget me not - black t-shirt

New Year - New Stuff!!! Watch this space for more New Stuff! (hopefully a new novel, too, this year...)

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And have I mentioned my novel - a few hours of escapist froth for your entertainment??: Click here for Susan's novel

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Marlene said...

Very cute Susan, love the baker hat.

Joann said...

nice blog! :) I love the baker hat too!

Paper Moon Delights said...

Very Cute Items, and artwork! :)