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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Year Has Begun

Good Morning,

The New Year is well underway and I think I am finally catching my breath. It has been busy with commitments to family and friends without much time for art. This year I have been presented with the opportunity to do some self study in Classical Painting and work in a new medium. I have purchased some water-soluble oil paints and I am almost ready to begin learning the fine art of oil painting.

To get warmed up to oils (which I haven't begun to use yet) I have been doing some specific challenges related to classical painting. The first challenge was in sketching portraits, below is my attempt at sketching our new president elect Barrack Obama:
My second lesson was to do a landscape using only two complimentary colors and white:

The last challenge I worked on was to do my interpretation of one of the “Old Masters”. I chose to do Monet’s “Landscape #3”:

It will be fun to share my journey with you, stay tuned next month I should have my next two challenges done. I will be doing a still life in the pointillism technique, and then a painting of one of Remington’s Horse Statues, done in the style of Vallejo. Should be interesting.


tgfleet said...

Sounds like fun Marlene!

Lee said...

Great stuff Marlene! Aren't challenges fun? You're really stepping up and out with your watercolors, Well Done!

Barbsgarden said...

looks great Marlene.

Paper Moon Delights said...

Your are doing a great job! I hope to find an artclass close to me this spring and take one! Good WORK!! :)