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Monday, August 30, 2010

Dawg Team on Etsy Amazing I would Say

We have such a diverse group of artists in the DAWG TEAM *Designing Artists Women's Group* that I thought I would show you some of all the works today!  Take a few moments and look around, then when you go to etsy, type in Dawg Team and all of our wares will show up under one listing.  It is time to start thinking of Christmas!! It is just around the corner!!

Joann Wheeler Click Here To Go To

Arlene Helder Click Here To Go To

Brenda Thour Click Here to Go To

Judy O'Hara Click Here To Go To

Lisa Parker Click Here to Go To

This is just a few! of our many, many items and mediums we have to pick from in our DAWG Team Group, so please take the time to come and check us out! 


Just Me said...

Love love love the butterfly!

Mel -

Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks Mel, Yes it is beautiful!!

brendathour said...

Thank you for including my lighthouse painting. I really love the bird piece.

Pam of Always Artistic said...


Joann said...

Thanks for including my bluebird tray! :)