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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden Girl......

...where did this garden girl go?  Well I made a mad dash to the house. You can tell it was me because I left the hat behind! LOL  I have been trying to work on my spring planting but every time I do, it rains. What's with that? 

I know we need rain for the plants to grow but I'll never have plants planted at this rate.  I did manage to get a few bigonias and salvia in. Oh and my tomatos, pepper, cucumber & strawberries but there are pots with Peonies and fox glove waiting for the next sunny day.

So RAIN RAIN GO Joann can plant her stuff today!

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Marlene said...

Lol Joann - We are finally having a few days of good weather here, yea! Hope you get your stuff planted soon.

Paper Moon Delights said...

Love the Art. Maybe it will slack up soon for u!!

brendathour said...

I love it Joann, not to mention your poem. oh, i started a zibbet shop to