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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Father's Day is coming....

I was thinking the other day. I am so darn lucky to have my father. He's 82 years young. He's been such an important part of my life. I am truly a Daddy's girl. What do I like about my Dad? He was always a very good provider for our family. He insisted my Mom never work so he had it all on his shoulders.

He always showed us lots of love. He would take us fishing and call it bonding. When we were kids, we weren't always happy to go at the crack of dawn to get the fish (cause fish like to get up early). But now I look back at those times with fondness. Especially when we would go to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and dip for crabs and seine for fish and then cook some of them right on the beach as we spent the day there. What memories!

Speaking of memories. How Dad loves to dance. My daughter says he looks like he's stomping bugs but I love to watch him and Mom do their version of jitterbug. So what wonderful memories do you have of your Dad...

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Paper Moon Delights said...

Great stories about your dad, we surely should appreciate them while they are with us! I miss my dad still everyday almost he pops into my head 10 years he has been in Heaven, FISHING :) Lol, he we was the king of fishing! and i have many fond memories of fishing with my dad, Thanks for sharing!! :)