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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So much to do..........

As I get older there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I remember when I was a teenager, the days just never seem to end. Now I look at the clock and it is evening before I know it and still didn't get half done what I wanted too! Oh well I guess it didn't need to be done that much anyway LOL. There is always tomorrow if God sees fit, and if not oh well! :)

I just got my middle girl married and it went wonderful, but alot of work and details was involved. I am very proud that she was happy with almost everything the way it turned out.

I know as a mom myself I think sometimes the weight of the world is on me and sometimes it is! Oh but I am so thankful I have God in my life to help me thru all those times when I think I might just go crazy, he never leaves me or forsakes me. In him I find peace and rest.

I want to get back into the groove with my art and sewing, right now we are in the middle of also remodeling whew..... what a mess. We are praying that Stephen, my hubby, that God will present a job close to home for him. God's timing is right and I have faith that he will supply! I ask that you pray with us too! Prayer changes things!

So I am off to work at my long list, how much will get done, who knows, who really cares, if I can say hey I got this done today, one thing is better than none!

Take time to Give thanks for all you have and don't take it forgranted!!


readingsully2 said...

I am experiencing the same thing...time is flying by much faster now.

Marlene said...

Time is way to fast - The more I seem to slow down the faster it goes.