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Sunday, November 9, 2008

What's the Weather Like Where you Live

Well I live in Tennessee and we have had beautiful weather up until this week. 70's and wonderful Fall foilage!! Here is a few photos for you to see of where I live. I am blessed to live among this wonderland during the Fall. One great thing about where I live is there is different scenery with all the Seasons! It has been like a blast of fire explosion among the trees over this last week. Oh what beauty! If you take forgranted what God has given us to behold with the different seasons and scenery, maybe you are taking life too fast and you need " to stop and Smell the Roses" so to speak!

It won't be long now before Winter takes over here in TN. This week the leaves have nearly fallen all to the ground and dreary skies approach. Oh but I love these days it makes Thanksgiving and Christmas more real to me. I love snowy days to set the seasons going! The ole song, Christmas Times A Comin' plays in my head. Oh when our snowfall hit I will share those photos with you too! Take time to look around you and see what God has to share with you! It moves on way too fast, especially as "I" grow older! for sure! I look back and I say where did all those days go, gone! So tomorrow when you step outside take a moment and breath in God's Goodness and Say Thanks!


tgfleet said...

Beatiful pics Lisa! I fear we may have some colder weather coming our way, but I am ready, I love Christmas- you'll have to stop by my Myspace page- I have decorated it for the holidays and added some Christmas music! :)

Barbsgarden said...

you need to write a book. YOu know how to tell a story..

Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks Girls! You know how much I love my photos and Thank you Barbara That is so sweet! :)