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Monday, November 24, 2008

Preparing for Christmas!

I am done with my must do items and finally can get started on preparing for Christmas! It's relief and none too soon as I promised to paint all my greeting cards this year. It's a resolution I've kept so all the birthday and anniversary cards I sent this year have been 5 x 7 watercolor paintings.

I've started the Christmas Greetings and here are a few samples...I just need about 40 to cover my list!

On the Cliff


...To the Woods

Creek Melt

A little Fog, a little Snow...
Happy Christmas from the Oregon I know!

I have added a couple original greeting cards to my Etsy shop.
Just in case you're looking for a little something special.

Winter Greetings

Winter Greetings 2

You know I'll be painting for the next several days...Oh, and cooking a Thanksgiving Feast.


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Paper Moon Delights said...

Beautiful cards, oh your work is just wonderful! :)