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Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008

Good Morning,

Hope you are all doing well and getting in the Holiday Spirit. I have been working on a few holiday items and have become involved in a group sale on ETSY.

The sale is called The Bountiful Holiday Sale and it started on November 1st. and will go until January 1st. There are quite a few artist involved in this Sale, some of whom belong to this group. Each artist has a different promotion in there shop. Some are offering buy one get one, others have 25% to 50% off, some have reduced prices, and some are offering free shipping. In my shop I am offering buy 1 get the 2nd of equal or lesser value for ½ off the price. You also get free shipping and a custom-made kitchen magnet. The magnet was made from a reduced print of one of my original works.

To see a complete list of shops involved and to read more about the sale you can visit:

or check out the Blog at:

I believe that it is imperative that a person should promote their art as much as possible. A great way of promoting is to become involved in some of the threads in the forum section of ETSY. I have found a thread that is kind of neat. You pick a shop that has commented in the thread and visit it. You then post something you particularly like in the shop and then they will post back. It is a good way of getting people to really check out your shop and see what is available. The thread can be found here:

These are just a couple of the things I have gotten involved with and they have helped produce some sells for me in the last couple of weeks. Give them a try everyone is welcome to join in, consider this an invite.

Here are a couple of ACEO’s that are in my sale:

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