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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monthly Art Challenge

Welcome to our Monthly Art Challenge. Every month there will be a new challenge that anyone can participate in. This is for aceo's and small format paintings, which means the painting needs to be under 14 inches. It can be any medium you want including digital. It can be from a painting you already did, or one you create just for this challenge.
This month Challenge is 'Movie Theme'. So get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with. It Can be about any movie or song from a movie, or anything to do with a movie.

Here are the Rules:

1. Upload your work to your blog, shop or facebook page.
2. If you have a blog, then right click and save the Challenge Badge above to put on your blog and link back to this blog. If you don't have a blog, then don't worry about it.
3. come back here and click on the little blue frog 'add your link' button below
4. add your url, name and email address. Your email address will NOT be seen by others.
2. You can enter up to 3 pieces per challenge. Just enter each one seperately


angelself said...

Movie theme is going to be so fun! Yay!! Kathryn said...

I had to include a 'Twilight' card! I'll try to get another movie later.
Thanks for the great challenge!

brendathour said...

Cool, blogger is working.
I love your entries AnnaMarie and Crystal!!!!

Marlene said...

Beautiful work ladies.

brendathour said...

Joann, I love your entry!

brendathour said...

Since we have 4 days left, I thought I'd add this lion painting for The Lion King.

brendathour said...

So glad you added your cute Wizard of Oz work. I love it!