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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was at a loss what to write about; an idea came to me of an art form that you may not have heard about but might be of interest to you called:
Steampunk was influenced by and often adopts the style of the 19th century scientific romances of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, and Mary Shelley.[2]
While most of the original steampunk works had a historical setting, later works would often place steampunk elements in a fantasy world with little relation to any specific historical era. Historical steampunk tends to be more "science fictional": presenting an alternate history; real locales and persons from history with different technology.
I have included a video, the artist is NOT me, but found this very interesting and hope you will too:

Also Steampunk jewelry is most popular, so if you enjoy making jewelry you might consider viewing this Squidoo with instructions; PLEASE do visit this squidoo.


Joann said...

Great topic Myrna! I loved the piece and enjoyed her commentary!

Marlene said...

Thanks for the info and the links, I will check them out later.

Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks for something fun! Enjoyed it!