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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too much Farm Town?

I am so not a fan of routine games - you know, the sim type where you live a life with all the drudgery included but do it on the computer.

Why spend time doing virtual chores when there are real ones piling up?

So, I end up playing Farm Town on facebook. It reveals some OCD tendencies BUT I make virtual money. I am hooked and it obviously has had a bigger impact than I realized.

Not really, I have several old tools hanging around the house. This is a 10 x 14 watercolor version of 3 of them.

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Marlene said...

Lee that is too funny, I have been staying away from facebook because of all the games etc. Just don't have the time.

Beautiful painting and those are some great old tools.

readingsully2 said...

I quit playing any of the games about three weeks ago. I never did understand the point. And, I don't have the time. It was fun at first...but never understood it all.

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