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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Before I get started with my blog I'll show off one of my latest paintings.

I realize that this blog site was created for women of Designer Artists but cooking is also an art, and like Marlene before me posted her grandmothers recipes. So in honor of Mother’s Day I would like to post a special Lithuanian recipe that everyone will love. It is the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch and a side kick for supper.
Who here doesn’t love bacon, eggs, and potatoes for breakfast?

It’s called Kugelis, it tastes so much better than it looks spelled; believe me, you just have to try this.

You can eat it with or without sour cream too!

5 lbs of potatoes must be grated, the texture is so much a part of this.
4 eggs lightly beaten
1 large onion or 2 small ones, (yellow onions), grated with the potatoes.
1 lb. of bacon, cut in small pieces
2 cans evaporated milk, must be evaporated
4 heaping table Spoons of flour
Salt and pepper to taste, don’t forget the bacon is salty too, so you have to taste it, but it does need some salt.

Okay, now you fry the bacon, I find it easier to cut the bacon up into sections before frying, it is easier that way for me.

Now get a large bowl and pour into it the evaporated milk first. Add the grated potatoes and onions right into the milk, eggs, flour, cooked bacon and add about one table spoon of the bacon drippings into the mixture and mix well. Generously grease a cake pan or baking dish with some of the bacon drippings. Don’t worry about the bacon drippings, it won’t hurt you once in awhile, you won’t be eating this dish everyday anyway, maybe on special occasions. Bake at 400 degree for about an hour to an hour and half, 60 – 90 minutes, or until a golden brown. Delicious served with more bacon if you wish, more sautéed onions and sour cream. You can also freeze it, wrap good before putting in the freezer for another day.

Some people who are very heath conscience will substitute the bacon for ham cut up and eliminate the bacon drippings but believe me it doesn’t taste as good.
This recipe is not written in stone, by that I mean, you can add 3 cans of evaporated milk and a little more flour, you can add 5 eggs instead of 4, it always seems to come out great!

My old Lithuanian mother always told me to stir the mixture after it has been in the oven for about 45 minutes, but if you don’t it still comes out great, just improves the cooking and texture if you remember to give it a stir.


Paper Moon Delights said...

Oh it sounds delicious Myrna, I will have to try it for sure! ;) Lisa

Marlene said...

Sounds yummy, we have a camp out we go to every year and I end up with quite a few to feed at breakfast at least one of the mornings - I just might whip this up. Should be ready for everyone when they rise as I get up way earlier than anyone else.

readingsully2 said...

Sounds delicious and that is the cutest dog.

Marlene said...

oops - forgot to say that I love the dog, he is soooooo cute.