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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music and Art

I just returned from an exceptional concert of Nebraska's High School Honor Festival. There were 200 gifted high school students chosen from throughout the state to perform with the Choir, Orchestra and Band. It was amazing, to say the least. These gifted youth were coached by a handful of dedicated directors and instructors, which turned the youth into a symbiotic ensemble in only two days. My step son came home excited, reveled in the learning experience. It was not only the musical knowledge that he gained, but the friendships, and the exposure to a different family setting, while rooming with a host family and interacting with strangers, that quickly became friends.

Monday, I will be at the Art Gallery helping the area high school art teachers set up their annual art exhibit. I am sure that I will be overwhelmed by the talent that will be showcased by these equally skilled youth. Which brings me to my point.

In these economically difficult times the school systems will undoubtedly be looking to cut programs. The arts are so vital to the personal growth of our young that I implore everyone to voice their support in such school programs. Art and music are part of the fabric of our many cultures of American society. It reflects our ideas and the richness and diversity of others. It allows our children to experience small successes, which lead to larger success. It allows them to express their individualism as well as learning to work together. The development of art and music skills can actively contribute to brain development. Skills learned through the discipline of developing art and music talents are transferred to study, communication, work and cognitive skills.

Art and music programs are essential to the quality of every school system. They are among the richest resource of America's society. Support the arts.


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