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Friday, February 20, 2009

Fellow Tennesseean Feature

Welcome to my first blog entry for DAWG (Designing Artist Women's Group) ! I joined DAWG quite some time back and there are such wonderful, special and talented ladies here! Though I think we all came together with our love of ACEOs, we create all kinds of spectacular things from art to jewelry and from photographs to home decor. You will find so many things here!

For my first post, I thought I would spotlight one of my fellow group members. The lady who created our group is Lisa. She is a wonderful lady and a fellow Tennesseean. I first met her through ebay a couple of years ago. With the question of ebay groups becoming extinct, she quickly sprung into action and created a ning group just for us. There are all kinds of fun things going on in the group from contests, prayer groups, treasuries, group events, etc. It's really beginning to pick up the pace lately and is so much fun!

Lisa has an etsy shop called Art by Lisa K and you can see her shop by clicking here.

Here's one of my favorites from her shop:

I hope you have an opportunity to stop by her shop. She has beautiful artwork, photography and drawings.

My posting date for this blog will be the 20th of each month. So, I'll talk to you all again soon :)

Until then, Happy Shopping!

Rhonda AKA The Cozy Loft


Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks so much for that sweet blog on me and our group! We have a wonderful bunch of girls that are just my best friends! I love them dearly and are all so talented! Thanks Rhonda, you do some wonderful works yourself! :) Lisa

Lee said...

Great first blog, Rhonda!