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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Painter's Block?

Do you ever get painter's block? I sure do. Sometimes I can go for hours without an idea. Or worse yet I'll work on several pieces of art and since I'm not inspired they turn out terrible and end up in the trash can.

So in one of my art block moments I was looking for ideas online and found some interesting ideas that I'll share with you. I found them at Suite101: 14 Creative Ideas for Creating Art: Two Weeks of Painting Exercises

The  site suggests going on nature walks, picking up pebbles and painting them. I was thinking with all these trees dropping their leaves it might even be fun to do one of just leaves. And another suggestion, looking out your window and paint whatever is there. I have done that on occasion but you can only have so many paintings of your backyard LOL!

Another tip was to  look through your frig for some pieces of fruit or vegetatbles or to paint just blades of grass.  I was thinking well even anything just close up could make a good piece of art. One time I just painted a zoomed it, closeup of two Christmas ornaments. It is pictured to the left.
Now if you like the steam punk kind of thing this idea might speak to you (but not to me). The idea was to take a natural element and paint it as if it were made from a man-made material. Like painting a flower as if it was made of metal. That just sounds strange to me but I'm sure there are people it would appeal to.

The webpage also talked about ideas for painting humans. Like painting a human form no bigger than 2” tall. Well we ACEO artists know all about 2.5 inch sized subjects! LOL

One idea that I thought might be fun to try one of these days was to paint  a human form by painting only negative space or painting just half a face, filling the whole canvas with the subject. It kind of reminds me of some of those profile photos on Facebook.

Well hopefully these ideas will help stimulate your creativity. It did mine!

Read more at Suite101: 14 Creative Ideas for Creating Art: Two Weeks of Painting Exercises


Lee said...

Lots of great ideas! Thanks for the info, Joann ;^)
Off to check it out...

Marlene said...

Very good ideas.

SOFIA said...

yes cool ideas

Lisa said...

Wonderful blog with so many great and fun ideas!! Thanks for sharing them with us! Everyone don't forget about the art giveaway here on the dawg blog, find the blog entry and comment and follow our blog for a chance to win.

brendathour said...

Wonderful ideas Joann!