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Monday, January 18, 2010

OOPs - Missed My Day

Good Morning, sorry I missed my day to blog, which was yesterday.

Yesterday we were busy having just a small bit of remodeling done on our home. My Son-in-law came over to install a new back door with a dog door and narrow side window next to it.

We have been wanting a dog door for a long time now as we have to get up a million times (small exaggeration) to let the dog in and out.

Now letting said dog in and out has become one of her favorite games, and one she is particularly fond of and impatient with.

She is either pouting or afraid of "the door", I am betting pouting as she has used a dog door at our friends house since she was a puppy. She seems to think we have to be standing at "the door" for her to go out or come in it. I am trying to see the "Delight" (for those that don't know, delight is my word for the year and I am suppose to remember it when I feel sad, agitated, etc.) in this process but having a tad bit of trouble with that.

Here is the picture of her hiding under the table, is this the look of pouting, fear, being a brat, or maybe just an I'm confused.

Someone suggested that she is just having a learning curve, so that is what I will choose to believe. We praise her when she does use the door and she wiggles all over and is very proud of herself when she accomplishes the feat, now to just get her to realize she can do it on her own.....


Aloquin said...

Awww she is so cute! And I can totally picture her wiggling when she's happy. Remember, persistence is key. Perhaps try to offer a treat in conjuction with her using the door... positive reinforcement. :)

Kathleen said...

My first thought, too - A wee bit of food really has helped me with my two adopted girls! LOL! Hope she uses the door all by herself soon! Very cute doggie =)

Maggie said...

Good photo of Daisy. (She's my niece). I think she just looks a little confused, Marlene.

lisa's blog said...

Oh I bet she will real soon, what a cutie she is! Look at those eyes! Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs to you and her!

Anonymous said...

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