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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Words On Retirement...

I have to share with you the latest in my saga of being retired with my husband, also retired. He has been spending a lot of time on the computer lately and has become quite adept at ordering online. He has the UPS truck here quite frequently lately.

A couple of weeks ago he told me, "Honey, we will need a few boxes to mail gifts in and can use them for things we sale on Ebay so I went to and ordered some flat rate boxes. Now I thought that was a good idea, yes a very good idea as I have some vintage stuff on Etsy and it will fit. He finally did something useful. Or so I thought.

Today, our mail lady pulled in and started unloading all of these boxes, what on earth is going on???? I was very curious but watched from a distance while my husband talked to her and helped her carry the boxes into his shop. He came into the house with a very sheepish look on his face. "Honey, he says to me, I think I put my finger on the wrong spot on the USPS site. Instead of getting a box of 25 boxes, they just delivered 25 boxes of 25." That is 450 boxes so you do not have to do the math. And as usual, the next thing out of his mouth is, "Honey, can you call the post office and see how I can return all but 25 of these?"

Yes, Retirement is fun and at times can be quite unusual.

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Paper Moon Delights said...

Oh Doesn't that sound so much like a man, they do the wrong thing and then ask ever so sweetly for you to fix it! LOL :) Love your flower pack art!!

Lee said...

I Love it! At least your hubby ordered free empty boxes :D

Great new ACEOs Marlene - Your Christmas Art is Adorable!

readingsully2 said...

LOL, Marlene...that is a good one. :)