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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello From the Beach

Peace and Serenity is what I feel when we are at the beach. It has been fogged in for two days right on the beach, you get a block off and it is blue sky and sun. We went for a drive down to the beginning of the Peninsula and then drove back up the beach to home yesterday and I got some really great pictures. The peninsula starts where the Columbia River enters the Ocean. The bar to go across from the river into the ocean is the most dangerous in the world and the Cape is named Cape Disappointment as so many ships have been lost there.

These first two are pictures of the rocks around the tide pools at the cape.

These next pictures are of the birds. There were so many gulls and pelicans today it was almost spooky with them and the fog. There must have been something hatching or running as they were in large groups feeding. At times it was almost like being in Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds".

Thanks for letting me share my Day at the beach with you.


Paper Moon Delights said...

Oh thanks for sharing your day at the beach, I want to be there too, for about a week or two, just taking it all, with no distractions! Just Stephen and I and GOD!

DEB said...

Wish I was there! The waves in San Diego this past week were over 20 ft high and people died because of the rough seas...glad you were so much further north and out of harm's way!

readingsully2 said...