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Monday, April 27, 2009

Got time for a quick survey?

Okay, on occasion curiosity get the better of me and I put a poll or survey out to get answers to whatever questions may be floating around inside my brain. So today's questions have to do with greeting cards & all 3 are pretty simple and straightforward questions-
1-In the last few years, what are some of the occasions you can remember buying greeting cards for.
2-Whom did you purchase the cards for- friends or family?
3-What id the most important element in a greeting card that you look for(i.e. art on the card, inside verse, humor, etc)?


Gail said...

1. Baby showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays for Men, Just Because

2. Family

3. Events were for Verse, Just because or masculine cards were because of art

Paper Moon Delights said...

1.Weddings, Birthdays, showers, and Anniversary

2. Family

3. Verse means more to me than anything. :)

readingsully2 said...

Weddings, Sympathy,Birthdays, Valentine (husband and granddaughter), Easter(granddaughter),

Both of my parents are gone.

Family and friends.


Marlene said...

1 and 2 - Don't buy cards, I make them or use American Greetings.
3 - the verse is the most important thing, It has to convey the way I really feel.

artsiecraftsie said...

1. I have not bought a card for any occasion for over 10 years. I always make my own cards in watercolor, and I do have a stash of my own art cards in the house.
2. I give cards to family mostly, and some friends.

3. I like a nice piece of art for any occasion, and I write my own text, short and sweet.

readingsully2 said...

It has been awhile since I purchased a card because I am making them now too. I love to give my special Iris Folded cards to special friends and to my family. I love to sell them too. :) But, they are not huge sellers because they are expensive due to all the time I put in hand-folding. I have sold almost all that I have listed though....but my palm tree has not sold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I won't relist. I will save to give away to someone special down the line. They are made with a lot of love for doing them.